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Expert Raccoon Trapping In Germantown TN - Raccoons Love Chimneys

If you noticed raccoons showing an interest in your chimney in Germantown TN, there’s a reason for that. Raccoons are naturally drawn to tall, safe, and warm nesting sites where they can raise their babies. To them, your chimney is like a giant, well-built brick tree.

Chimneys offer raccoons protection from predators and the elements, making them an ideal spot to give birth and raise their young. They see it as a cozy and secure nesting place, similar to how birds build nests in trees. 

While it’s understandable that raccoons might find your chimney attractive, it’s crucial to address this situation properly. Having raccoons in your chimney can be a nuisance and even pose safety hazards. Call Apex Wildlife Control for professional wildlife removal to safely and humanely relocate these curious creatures and ensure your chimney remains free of raccoon guests.

Get Rid Of Raccoons In Germantown TN - Do I Have Raccoon Babies?

To determine if you have raccoon babies in your chimney, you can rely on both sight and sounds, depending on the time of year. In the Spring, when raccoon mothers typically give birth, you may notice the presence of baby raccoons through sound. Young raccoons can be quite vocal, emitting high-pitched chirping or squealing noises. If you hear these sounds coming from your chimney, it’s a strong indicator that there might be raccoon babies inside.

Visually, you might also see adult raccoons coming and going around your chimney during the evening and night hours. They’ll be busy hunting for food to feed their young ones. If you spot these nocturnal visitors or notice torn screens or damaged chimney caps, it’s another sign that raccoons may have taken up residence in your chimney. Keep in mind that raccoons are best handled by professionals to ensure their safe removal and relocation. If you suspect raccoon babies in your chimney, give us a call. We can properly handle the situation.

DIY Raccoon Trapping In Germantown TN - What Do I Do Now?

If you suspect that you have raccoons in your chimney, it’s important to know that you should NEVER open the damper or attempt to build a fire in there. The reason is that the baby raccoons are often too young to get out on their own, and the mother raccoon would go to great lengths to protect her offspring.

Attempting to light a fire or open the damper can harm or even kill the raccoon family, as they could get trapped inside or suffer from smoke inhalation. It’s a situation best handled by professionals. Instead, if you believe raccoons have taken up residence in your chimney, the safest and most humane course of action is to call Apex Wildlife Control. We  have the knowledge and tools to safely relocate the raccoons and ensure the well-being of both the mother and her babies.

Professional Raccoon Trapping In Germantown TN - Help Is On The Way!

It may seem like Germantown TN has raccoons everywhere, but they don’t need to be nesting in your chimney!

If you have had enough of these adorable but destructive little bandits invading your home and causing expensive damage, then call Apex Wildlife Control today! Our friendly office staff will help you book an appointment with one of our experienced wildlife technicians. We will inspect your home and give you a detailed report along with photos of where the raccoons are coming in, along with our recommendations for sealing up any entry points, plus humanely trapping and relocating raccoons back to the woods where they belong.

We are here to help with your raccoon problems! Call today!

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