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Raccoon Removal Services In Southaven MS - It's A Raccoon Thing!

In Southaven, MS, raccoons are resourceful creatures when it comes to finding shelter for their young ones. They often seek high, safe, and warm spots, and your chimney can be a perfect choice for them. To a raccoon, your chimney is like a large, sturdy tree made especially for nesting and raising their babies.

Raccoons are known for their ability to climb and access seemingly tricky spots, including chimneys. They find your chimney to be a secure place away from ground-level predators, offering warmth and protection for their young. This nesting behavior can be concerning for homeowners, as it can lead to various issues, including clogs, noise disturbances, and potential health hazards. 

Get Rid Of Raccoons In Southaven MS - Are Baby Raccoons In There?

If you suspect that raccoons have made a home in your Southaven, MS chimney during their baby season, listening for specific sounds at particular times of the day can help confirm their presence. Raccoon babies are typically born in the early spring, and here’s what to listen for. Raccoon babies make chattering or chirping sounds that are similar to bird calls. These sounds are most commonly heard during the daytime, as the babies are more active in daylight hours. You might hear scratching or scurrying sounds, especially at night when raccoons are more active. This could be the mother raccoon moving around or attempting to enter or exit the chimney. Additionally, baby raccoons also make soft, cooing sounds when they are content, and these noises can be heard, usually during feeding times.

Expert Raccoon Removal In Southaven MS - Do NOT Start A Fire!

If you suspect that there are raccoons or any other animals in your chimney in City State, it’s essential to handle the situation carefully. First and foremost, never open the damper or, under any circumstances, start a fire in the chimney to force the animals out. This can lead to a host of problems. Baby raccoons, in particular, are unable to climb, and if you ignite a fire, it puts them in grave danger. In a desperate attempt to save her young, a mother raccoon might also face a tragic situation, risking her life.  So, if you have raccoons in your chimney, call Apex Wildlife Control today!  We know what to do and we are ready to help!  

Best Raccoon Trapping In Southaven MS - Help Is On The Way!

If you are tired of raccoons mistaking your chimney for a hotel, then call Apex Wildlife Control today for a FREE quote on outdoor raccoon trapping!

And if raccoons have invaded your home, our friendly office staff will help you book an appointment with one of our experienced wildlife technicians. We will inspect your home and give you a detailed report along with photos of where the raccoons are coming in, along with our recommendations for sealing up any entry points, plus humanely trapping and relocating these animals back to the woods where they can live out their best raccoon lives.

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