Raccoons In Your Crawl Space In Eads TN

Do you have raccoons in your crawl space in Eads, TN? Do you hear bumping, banging or scratching sounds coming from underneath your home? Raccoons can easily squeeze through small openings. It is likely that a raccoon has gained access to the crawl space area under your home. I f this has happened, then you will want to look around your property for things that are attracting raccoons. You will want to check around your trashcan area for trash and foodstuff that has fallen around the receptacle. Wildlife are attracted to the sight and smell of garbage.

Also, be diligent and pick up any food that remains uneaten by your pets if you feed your pets outside. Leaving pet food down like this is a sure way to attract raccoons. You will also want to ask the neighbors if they happen to also feed their pets outside as well. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it can create major problems in the neighborhood. For more information, check out Raccoon Removal In Eads TN.

Why Do Raccoons Like Crawl Spaces?

A raccoon will search for a quiet, accessible place to call home that has a plentiful source of food and water nearby. A crawl space will also be cooler during hot summer months. Crawl spaces can also be home to mice and rats. Rodents are on the list of things a raccoon will eat. Hopefully, this is not your situation. But if it is, we are here to help!

Signs You Have Raccoons In Your Crawl Space In Eads TN

Raccoons are opportunists and will go into a hole that has already been created and left by other animals. They typically will not dig a new hole. Walk around your home and look for holes that are bigger than a baseball. Ground vents and rotted wood are other potential points of entry for raccoons as well.

Full Exclusion And Trapping Of Raccoons In Your Crawl Space In Eads TN

If you do, indeed, have raccoons in the crawl space under your home then you have two options. 1) outside trapping; or 2) trapping with full exclusion. We trap the animal for relocation and release roughly twenty-five miles from your home. This way the raccoon is unable to find its way back to your property. Full exclusion allows for the complete sealing of your home against re-entry by wildlife. Our wildlife technicians will complete a full interior and exterior inspection. He will inspect from your crawl space to the attic, and your foundation to the roof line. Our technician will also check for any damage under the house. He will check potential entry points in the foundation and all the crawl space doors as well.

After the inspection the technician will sit down with you and go over the photographs of the damage he finds. He will then provide you with a quote to seal your home, trap any raccoons that are present, and seal any point of entry to the building.

Outside Raccoon Trapping Service

Apex Wildlife Control does not seal any entry points when we perform outside trapping services only. Our wildlife technician will verify the species that has gained access to your crawl space. Upon verification of the species, he will set several traps with a species-specific bait are placed around your home. Traps can be added depending upon the exact number of raccoons involved. We prefer to trap an entire family for relocation and release together. This is why we add traps according to the number of raccoons in the family.

Raccoon Bait And How We Trap

Our wildlife technicians are very knowledgeable. When choosing a bait for an outside trap we must consider other wildlife as well as the domestic animals in the area. If there are stray dogs, and cats in the neighborhood or if you have outdoor pets then we will utilize a bait that is less likely to entice the domestic animals in order to avoid trapping the wrong species or someone’s pet.

Outdoor trapping is a seven-day process. Once the traps are baited and set we schedule the wildlife technicians to perform three trap checks over the seven days (every 36 hours). You do not need to be home for the trap checks. We do ask that clients check the traps daily in between the trap checks by the technicians, and call us immediately if an animal is caught. We will send someone out that day to release and relocate the animal in an effort to prevent dehydration.

Trapping Guarantee When Not Performing Exclusion

Apex Wildlife Control has a high success rate with outside trapping for raccoons. Having said that, however, our company is not able to offer a guarantee on any outside trapping services. This is because we cannot guarantee that an animal will go into a trap. We use the species-specific bait in an attempt to entice the animal into the trap, but an animal can always choose not to enter the trap. Some animals are smarter than others, and an animal that has been trapped in the past is likely to be trap-shy and refuse to go in the trap no matter what. Younger animals are generally easier to trap for this reason.

Raccoon Relocation

Apex Wildlife Control uses humane live traps that do no harm to the raccoon or any other animal. We do not not use kill traps for raccoons. Once trapped the raccoon is relocated about twenty-five miles away from your property. This is far enough away that the raccoon will not find their way back. Again, if it is a family of raccoons involved then we will want to catch, relocate, and release the family together for the best possible chance for their survival.

There is no wildlife problem too big or small for Apex Wildlife Control to handle. We are here to assist Eads, TN with any wildlife needs so call us at 901-598-8555. We will be happy to help!

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