Raccoons In Your Dumpster In Eads TN

Are Raccoons getting into your dumpster in Eads, TN? Dumpsters are the perfect place for raccoons to rummage through in their search for an easy meal. Raccoons are opportunistic eaters and will consume both plants and animals. A raccoon’s diet consists of a variety of nuts, berries, plants, and fruits. Raccoons also eat small rodents, frogs, fish, squirrels, rabbits, bird eggs, and insects. In short, they will eat practically anything they can put their hand-like paws on, and the leftovers in a trash dumpster can offer them a perfect buffet.

How To Keep Raccoons From Getting Into Your Dumpster

How To Keep Raccoons From Getting Into Your Dumpster

Here are a few actions you can take if raccoons are getting into your dumpster:

  1. Remove any open trash that is laying around your trashcan or dumpster. The smell and
    sight of food is what attracts wildlife, provides them with an easy meal, and ensures
    they will return to the site again and again.
  2. Do you have a good-hearted neighbor that is feeding the area wildlife? Let them know that their well-meaning intent is having an affect on their neighbors just in case they are unaware of the impact it is having.

Make Sure Your Garbage Is Safe From Those Raccoons!

Tightly secure the lid by placing bungee cords around the lid to deter raccoons from getting into a trash receptacle. Raccoons are extremely smart and can quickly figure out how to open most lids, jars, and other objects due to their hand-shaped paws. For more information about raccoons, click Raccoon Removal In Eads TN.

We advise clients to consider purchasing trashcans with a locking “bear-proof” mechanism. Also, keep the trashcan in your garage until the scheduled morning of trash collection. These tips take away a raccoon’s access to a quick and easy meal. Once they determine there are no easy meals to be found on your property they will move on to another neighbor or neighborhood.

Is Your Dumpster Secure But You Still Need Raccoons Trapped?

If you have tried the above suggested steps to deter raccoons from your property yourself, and it has proven to be unsuccessful then it may be time to consider trapping. Apex Wildlife Control offers outside trapping services for most wildlife species, including raccoons. Our wildlife technicians have a very successful record with outside trapping. We use humane, live cage traps with a species-specific bait. The technicians set the traps at various locations around your dumpster and other areas of your property to ensure we successfully trap the raccoons.

Please let us know if there are any cats or small dogs on your property that might possibly get caught in the cage trap. Sometimes a pet will wander into a trap. We want to avoid any risk of that happening to your pets even though the traps are humane and cause no harm at all to animals.

What If A Cat Gets Into A Raccoon Trap?

The trapping process takes place over seven days. Our wildlife technicians are scheduled to check the traps every 36 hours (three times) over that week. It is very easy for a cat to go into the cage trap so if that should happen it’s no big deal. The cat can be released completely unharmed, but they will need our help to get out. After the cat has been removed the trap will be re-baited and moved to another area if necessary.

We will ask for you to call us immediately if you see that an animal has been caught in the trap in between trap checks by the wildlife technicians. We will come out that day to remove the trapped animal. Our goal is to make the trapping process as stress fee and easy as we possibly can for you. We do not require you to be at home for our outside trapping services.

Raccoons Trapped in Your Dumpster Or Trash Can

What if a raccoon becomes stuck in a trashcan? Simply tip the can over, lay it on its side and quickly move away. Usually, the raccoon will not be in attack mode. They should be happy to get out and run will away quickly.

It’s a bit trickier when a raccoon gets stuck in a heavier dumpster. Open any side doors to the receptacle if possible. If there are no side doors, you can try to place a board or something the raccoon can use as a ladder to climb out on their own.

Call us immediately should a baby or adolescent raccoon get trapped in your dumpster, and the mother is not around. Small babies are generally harmless. We just need protective gloves to safely handle it. Young raccoons without a mother will require that we contact a wildlife rehabilitation expert to help with the feeding and care. It is a long process for the rehabilitator to get the baby stronger and healthier so that at the appropriate age the raccoon can be released and re-introduced into the wild for the best chance at survival.

Time To Call A Professional!

It is not advisable for anyone to try and remove a wild animal from a trashcan or dumpster due to the inherent risk of disease or bodily harm, but if you have tried without success then it’s time to contact a wildlife professional.

For raccoons trapped in a dumpster Apex Wildlife Control will send a wildlife technician out to the dumpster with a net and noose. The technician will assess the situation to determine the best course of action to take. The technician will put on a pair of gloves and easily scoop up and remove a raccoon if it is already tired out from its struggle to get out.

Other times, the animals can already be defensive and afraid and that will require the technician employ the use of a noose. The technician will wrap the noose around its body at the chest just behind its front legs. A noose must NEVER go around a raccoon’s neck. Performing this process incorrectly can severely harm the raccoon. The angry, fearful animal can also manage to get free and harm the technician or people standing close by. We will then relocate the raccoon.

Rescue And Relocation Of Raccoons In Your Dumpster In Collierville TN

When you call us, let us know the methods you have tried without success. We will need to know how many raccoons you have seen together. This may possibly be a family, and we prefer to trap and relocate families together. Most areas where we relocate raccoons are already inhabited by other raccoons. A family of raccoons will have to fight for territory, hide from other wildlife, avoid predators, and locate new sources of food and water. Relocating a family together helps them protect each other and forage together so their chances for survival are greater.

So if you have raccoons in your dumpster in Eads TN, call us today and we will be glad to help!

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