Raccoons In Your Dumpster In Memphis TN

Do you have raccoons in your dumpster in Memphis TN? If so, consider what raccoons love to eat. A raccoon’s diet consists of a variety of nuts, berries, plants, fruits, and acorns. Raccoons will also eat small rodents, frogs, fish, squirrels, rabbits, bird eggs, and insects.

Raccoons eat both plants and animals. They are also opportunistic eaters. Opportunistic eaters will eat anything they can get their hands on including human food like leftovers from trashcans. If raccoons can get their hands on it, they will eat it.

How To Keep Raccoons From Getting Into Your Dumpster

If you have raccoons in your dumpster in Memphis TN, here are a few methods you may try to deter them yourself.

  1. You need to remove any open trash around the trashcan or dumpster that is easily seen or accessible. The smell will attract wildlife and give them an easy meal. If they see food is easily accessible, they will continue to come back.
  2. If a neighbor is feeding raccoons this can affect the surrounding neighbors. Make sure to let them know in case they don’t realize the impact it is having on the neighborhood.

Make Sure Your Garbage Is Safe From Those Raccoons!

Once the neighbors have cleaned up any trash left on the ground, make sure your trash can is secure. It is very easy for raccoons to open trash lids, because of their hand-shaped paws. Raccoons are extremely smart and can figure out how to open most lids, jars, and other objects. Placing bungee cords around the trashcan lid is a good way to try to keep the raccoons from getting in. These are just a few ways to keep raccoons from getting into your dumpster. For more information about raccoons, click here.

We advise all of our clients to make sure to buy a trashcan with a locking mechanism that is considered bear-proof. Keep the trash in your garage until the morning the trash collector comes. This will take away any ideas the raccoons may have to look for food. Hopefully they will move onto another neighborhood once they see there are no easy meals.

Is Your Dumpster Secure But You Still Need Raccoons Trapped?

After you have tried deterring the raccoons from coming around yourself, you may need to look into trapping. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Apex Wildlife Control offers outside trapping services for most species, including raccoons. A technician will come with live cage traps and set them around your property. We will ensure traps are placed around your dumpster to ensure we get the raccoons.

We use bait that will be species-specific. Let us know if there are any cats or small dogs that could go into the cage. We will use different bait if there are certain animals around. Sometimes a cat will come into the trap and we don’t want to risk hurting them.

What If A Cat Gets Into A Raccoon Trap?

If a cat does go into the trap it’s no big deal. We can release the cat completely unharmed. After baiting the traps we will trap them for seven days and come out every other day to check on the traps and re-bait them or move them as needed with the changing activity in your area. Please give us a call if you see that an animal has been caught in the trap and we can come out that day. We try to make this as easy as we can for you, so we do not require you to be home while we are doing our trapping services.

Raccoons Trapped In Your Trash Can Or Dumpster?

If a raccoon gets stuck in a trash can, gently tip it over and quickly move away. They will usually not be in attack mode, they will just be glad to get out and try to run away quickly.

A raccoon stuck in a dumpster can be a little trickier. Try to open any side doors if possible. If they are still unable to get out, you can try to put a board or something they can use as a ladder to climb out themselves.

Once you have tried to help the wildlife out yourself with no success, it is most likely time to call a professional. I would not advise you to try to get the raccoon out yourself. They will feel trapped and be extremely defensive and will likely lash out and may try to scratch or bite you.

Time To Call A Professional!

The new raccoons will either have to fight for territory or avoid the local wildlife and hideout until they can find a new home. Raccoons relocated together can help to protect each other and forage together so their chances for survival are much higher.

Apex Wildlife Control will send a technician out to you with a net and noose. They will assess the situation and determine the best way to handle it. Sometimes the animal has already tired itself out and they can easily scoop it up and remove it. Other times when the animals are defensive and afraid we have to use the noose. To properly and safely get the raccoon, the noose will be wrapped around its body. The noose does not go around the raccoon’s neck and should never be used this way. Doing this incorrectly may severely harm the raccoon and they may also be able to get free and harm the technician or people close by. Once we have the raccoon we will then relocate it.

What We Need To Know When You Call

When you call, let us know everything you have tried so far, as well as how many raccoons you have seen together, if you have seen them. If we can, we prefer to trap families together. Raccoon families relocated together have a much better chance of survival. Relocated raccoons have to find a new water source and feeding ground as well as looking for their new home. Most areas are already occupied by other raccoons and it is their territory.

If an adolescent raccoon is stuck and the mother is not around, call us immediately. Typically if it is a small baby they are harmless and we just need protective gloves to handle it. When a raccoon is without a mother we will usually have to find rehabilitation to help with feeding and caring for it. The rehabilitation will help to get the baby healthy and reintroduce them into the wild at an appropriate age when they will have the best chance at survival.

So if you have a raccoon in your dumpster in Memphis TN, call Apex today at 901-598-8555 and we will be glad to help!

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