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Raccoon Removal In West Memphis AR

Raccoon Removal Services In West Memphis AR - Trash Panda Problems

Living in West Memphis, AR, it’s important to understand that raccoons are incredibly food motivated creatures. These clever critters are particularly attracted to the delicious leftovers you might have in your trash cans or dumpsters. Once they discover a source of food, they’ll keep coming back for more, becoming a persistent nuisance.

Raccoons have a keen sense of smell and can easily detect the scent of food from afar. They’re not picky eaters and will happily feast on scraps, discarded meals, or even any rats that might be in the area. As long as there’s a readily available food source, they’ll keep returning to your property, causing potential mess and damage.

Get Rid Of Raccoons In West Memphis AR - Just A Big Ol Mess!

It’s important to know that raccoons are quite resourceful when it comes to getting to food in West Memphis, AR.  They can easily tip over an unsecured trash can or dig into an open dumpster in their relentless search for a meal. These critters are determined, and they won’t think twice about the mess they leave behind.

Raccoons are strong and agile, making it a simple task for them to knock over a trash can. Once they’re in, they’ll rummage through your trash, scattering garbage all over your property. It’s not just about finding food; raccoons can be quite curious, and they might drag your trash out, looking for hidden treasures.

Baby Raccoon Rescue In West Memphis AR - Steps You Can Take

You can take specific steps to keep raccoons out of your trash at your West Memphis, AR home. Make sure your garbage cans and dumpsters are tightly secured with lids and locks if possible. This will make it much harder for raccoons to access your waste.

Another crucial step is to keep rats away from your property, as raccoons are often attracted to them. Maintain a clean and well-kept environment to discourage rodents. Remove any potential food sources for both rats and raccoons.

Best Raccoon Trapping In West Memphis AR - Help Is On The Way!

Surrounded by miles and miles of farmland, West Memphis AR will always be full of wildlife, but that doesn’t mean you need to put up with raccoon damage.

If you have had enough of these adorable but destructive little rascals invading your home and and property and causing expensive damage, then call our friendly office staff Apex Wildlife Control today!  Our skilled technicians will inspect your home and give you a detailed report along with photos of where the raccoons are coming in, along with our recommendations for sealing up any entry points, plus humanely trapping and relocating these animals back to the woods where they can live out their best raccoon lives.

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