Raccoons In Your Warehouse In Arlington TN

Do You Have Raccoons In Your Warehouse In Arlington TN?

Have you noticed an issue with raccoons getting into your warehouse in Arlington TN? While raccoons are the cutest thieves you will ever see, they can bring a multitude of problems with them. It is quite common for raccoons to sneak into a warehouse to check things out inside. You may not even be aware that they are inside until it is too late.

Why Do Raccoons Come Into Your Warehouse?

Raccoons are what are known as opportunistic animals. There are several reasons they can be in a warehouse. If a door is left open they will take advantage of the opportunity and come right on in. If the warehouse stores human food or animal feed, this can attract raccoons. They could also come inside because of bad weather or the need to find shelter and nest.

Look Around The Outside Of Your Warehouse

It is helpful to take a look around the outside of the property. Wild animals will fight for territory. The raccoons could be looking for a meal or a maybe a new hideout. If there is an overabundance of animals in the area, then they may be seeking a place to live. For more information about raccoon removal, click here.

Are Baby Raccoons In Your Warehouse?

The breeding season for raccoons begins in February and March and gestation is about 8 weeks. During their pregnancy, they will make a nest to give birth in that is in a safe and warm location. This can occur quite often in people’s homes. If a warehouse is in an area that is not too loud and busy they will nest there, too.

How Many Babies Do Raccoons Have?

Female raccoons can deliver an average of 3 to 5 kits and give birth around April or May. The babies stay with the mom until they are weaned between 2 and 4 months of age. The mother will go out during the day while her kits are asleep to forage for food. She will return at night to feed and protect them.

When her young are old enough, the mother teaches the babies how to forage for food and protect themselves. What better place to find leftovers than a warehouse filled with people who forget to remove any leftover food sources?

What Happens If You Have A Whole Family Of Raccoons In Your Warehouse?

Whenever there is a family of raccoons in your warehouse the damage caused can add up very quickly. Raccoons are expert climbers that can climb practically anything because of their hand-like paws. They grab onto crevices and can tear through just about any opening. Raccoons extremely smart. They are also adept at figuring out how to open jar and get into containers with just a few tries.

Raccoons can create quite a mess in a warehouse full of boxes that can be torn into. They could also possibly do damage to machinery. They are also carriers of rabies and roundworms which are major health issues which may affect people and other animals. Rabies is a disease that is transmittable through saliva and blood. This can be passed to humans and domestic animals as well as an outbreak in the local wildlife.

Diseases That Raccoons Carry

Roundworms are present in the intestines of raccoons. Roundworm eggs are passed in the fecal droppings. It is possible to unknowingly come into contact with raccoon feces and get the bacteria on us. This transfer of bacteria can cause a disease called Baylisacaris with symptoms such as nausea, tiredness, loss of coordination, loss of muscle control, lack of attention to people and their surroundings, blindness, and coma.

Other diseases caused by wildlife include salmonella, canine distemper, and parvoviral enteritis all of which are potentially harmful to you if you come into contact with the urine, fecal droppings, saliva, or blood from a raccoon. For this reason it is very important to ensure an infected area is cleaned and sanitized properly utilizing the appropriate equipment to kill the bacteria in the areas where a raccoon may have gained access.

Do You Need A Professional To Handle Your Raccoon Problem?

Have you heard any noises or seen anything to indicate there may be a raccoon in your warehouse? If raccoons are attempting to find or have already found a way into your warehouse, it may be time to give Apex Wildlife Control a call. We would be happy to come by and verify that you indeed have a raccoon problem.

If you have seen raccoons and know that they are in your warehouse then Apex offers outside trapping services that can begin on the day we come out. The outside trapping services utilize humane, live cage trapping. Typically we would first need to inspect the property, but warehouses are known to provide easy access for animals to go in and out of such as big open doorways.

How We Solve Raccoon Problems Around A Warehouse

Since it is not practical to stop anyone from leaving a door open, we set multiple live cages in the areas where raccoons are the most active. Our expert wildlife technicians place a type of bait in all the cages that specifically attracts raccoons. We trap over a 7-day period and schedule three trap checks (ever 36 hours) during the course of that period of time. There is no limit on the number of animals that can be trapped during the trapping period.

When the raccoons have been caught we then relocate them 25 miles away from the area so they cannot find their way back to your warehouse. Our technicians have a very good success record with our trapping services. However, because animals cannot be forced to go into a trap we are unable to guarantee our trapping services. The bait we use will help to entice raccoons into the cages. However, because raccoons are so smart, they could avoid the trap altogether, especially if they have been trapped previously which could cause them to become trap shy.

Cleaning Up After The Raccoon In Your Warehouse

Once all the raccoons have been trapped it is then time to properly clean and disinfect the area. Fortunately, we offer a fecal cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing service as well. Our technicians will properly clean and sanitize the affected areas. We want to assist you with everything you could possibly need to help alleviate the stresses that situations such as this could pose so that you are able to take care of your everyday business needs and meet the health and safety needs of your staff.

Apex will remove the burden from your shoulders so you are able to relax knowing the job will be handled properly. You can rest assured that every service we provide is humane, and we do no harm to any animals unless they have rabies or are severely injured. Please give us a call today at 901-598-8555, and let us tell you more about our trapping and sealing process. We are waiting to hear from you!

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