Raccoons In Your Warehouse In Collierville TN

Do you have raccoons in your warehouse in Collierville, TN? It is very common occurrence for curious raccoons to find ways to sneak into and check out a warehouse. You may not even be aware that they have made their way inside your building until it is too late. Yes, they may be the cutest critters you will ever see, but they can create a number of problems.

Why Do Raccoons Come Into Your Warehouse?

There are several reasons that raccoons can be in a warehouse. Raccoons are what we call opportunistic animals. They will take advantage of an open door and mosey right on in. Warehouses that store foodstuff or animal feed will certainly attract them. Raccoons could also decide to come inside due to inclement weather and a need for shelter.

Look Around The Outside Of Your Warehouse

It is always a good idea to routinely perform a walk around of your property for an understanding of the wildlife in the surrounding area. Wild animals will fight for their territory. An overabundance of animals in the area could provide a reason that raccoons may be looking for a territory of their own. The absence of trees near your warehouse could push raccoons to your check out your warehouse in the search of a meal or new hideout. For more information about raccoon removal in Collierville, click here.

Are Baby Raccoons In Your Warehouse in Collierville TN?

February and March are the raccoon breeding season. Their gestation period is approximately eight weeks. Mother raccoons search for a safe warm place to nest and give birth during their pregnancy. Raccoons can often nest in people’s homes, but if a warehouse is quiet, offers a source of food and water inside or in close proximity they will nest there, too.

How Many Babies Do Raccoons Have?

A mother raccoon can have anywhere from 3 to 5 kits and give birth in the Spring around the months of April and May. The babies will stay with their mom until they are weaned at 2 to 4 months of age. The mother will go out to forage for food during the day when the babies are asleep and returns at night to feed and protect them.

The mother teaches the kits how to forage for food and protect themselves from predators. A warehouse can provide an ideal environment because after people have left for they day the raccoons can search around in trash receptacles for any leftover food.

What Happens If You Have A Whole Family Of Raccoons In Your Warehouse?

Damages caused from a family of raccoons in your warehouse can add up very quickly. Raccoons are expert climbers because of their hand-like paws. They grab onto most crevices and have the ability to tear through just about any opening. Raccoons are extremely smart critters that can manage to open anything in a few tries. They can make quite a mess in a warehouse full of boxes as you can well imagine.

Diseases That Raccoons Carry

Raccoons can carry rabies that is transmittable to humans, domestic animals, and other local wildlife through contact with the rabid raccoon’s saliva and blood. Another major health concern involves roundworms that exist in raccoon intestines. Roundworms lay eggs that are passed through the raccoon’s feces. Humans that come into contact with raccoon feces unknowingly. The bacteria can cause a disease called Baylisascaris causing symptoms of nausea, tiredness, loss of coordination, loss of muscle control, lack of attention to people and their surroundings, blindness, and coma.

Other infections that can originate from contact with urine, fecal droppings, saliva or blood from a raccoon include salmonella, canine distemper, and raccoon parvoviral enteritis, all of which can be very harmful humans. It is important to use the appropriate sanitation equipment for clean up with products that kill all the bacteria in an area where there is evidence that a raccoon has urinated and/or defecated

Do You Need A Professional To Handle Your Raccoon Problem?

If you are hearing strange noises or seeing signs that indicate there may be a raccoon in your warehouse or may be attempting to to find a way inside, it is time to contact a wildlife professional. Let Apex Wildlife Control take control of the situation so you can relax knowing it will be properly handled. This will alleviate the associated stress so you can ten to your everyday work and meet the safety needs of your staff. We will send one of our wildlife technicians to inspect your warehouse and verify that you do, indeed, have a raccoon problem.

Our outside trapping services can begin the day you call us to come out! Outside trapping services involve these of a humane, live cage. Typically we would need to see the property to determine points of entry, but warehouses are known to provide easy access through large open doorways for animals to get in and out.

How We Solve Raccoon Problems Around A Warehouse

It is not practical to stop anyone in a warehouse environment from leaving a door open. Our wildlife technician set multiple live traps in the areas where raccoons appear to be the most active, and use a special bait to attract the raccoons. The trapping process takes place over seven days with no limit on the number of animals we catch. The technicians are scheduled every 36 hours (3 times over the course of a week) for a trap check. They may have to move a trap or re-bait and re-set a trap as needed.

Once captured we relocate the raccoon 25 miles away from your property so they are unable to find their way back to the warehouse. We have a successful trapping record but are unable to offer a guarantee on our trapping work because a wild animal cannot be forced into a trap. The bait is an enticement for the raccoon to go into the cages, but they are such smart critters that they may try to avoid the trap. This is common when an animal has experienced traps before and becomes trap-shy.

Cleaning Up After The Raccoons In Your Warehouse

When all the animals have been captured and relocated it is time for a thorough clean up. Fortunately for our customers we offer a fecal cleaning and disinfecting service. Our technicians use the proper protective gear, equipment and products to do the job.

Apex Wildlife Control does no harm to any animals unless they exhibit signs of rabies or have been severely injured. Every service we provide is humane. Give us a call today at 901-598-8555 so we can explain more about our trapping and sealing processes for your warehouse in Collierville, TN. We are waiting to hear from you!

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