Raccoons In Your Warehouse In Cordova TN

Do You Have Raccoons In Your Warehouse?

Are raccoons in your warehouse in Cordova TN? Do you have an issue with raccoons in your warehouse? Raccoons are the cutest thieves you will ever see, but they sure can bring trouble with them. It is very common for raccoons to sneak into a warehouse and check out what is going on. You may not even know they are inside until is too late.

Why Do Raccoons Come Into Your Warehouse?

Raccoons are very opportunistic animals. Raccoons may be in a warehouse for several reasons. If you leave a door open they will take advantage of the opportunity and move right on in. If your warehouse stores ingredients for food, animal feed, or even has other animals in it, this can attract raccoons. Raccoons may also decide to come inside because of bad weather or needing shelter.

Look Around The Outside Of Your Warehouse

Our technician will take a look around the outside of your property to see what the surrounding area is like. Wild animals often fight for territory. If there is an overabundance of animals in the area, then the raccoons may be looking for a place to live. If there are no trees near the warehouse, then they could be searching for a meal or a new hideout. For more information about things that attract raccoons, check out Raccoon Removal In Cordova TN.

Are Baby Raccoons In Your Warehouse in Cordova TN?

Raccoons breed in February and March and can be pregnant for about eight weeks. During their pregnancy, they will make sure they have a safe and warm place for a nest to give birth. This happens in private homes quite often, and if a warehouse isn’t too loud in a certain area, there too.

How Many Babies Do Raccoons Have?

A mother raccoon can have an average of three to five pups and gives birth around April or May. The babies will stay with mama raccoon until they are weaned between two and four months of age. During that time, she will go out during the day while the pups are asleep and forage for food. She will return at night to feed and protect them.

Once they are ready to leave the nest, she will show them how to forage for food and protect themselves as they sneak around for food. What better place than one filled with people who leave at night so they can pick up any leftovers they can get their hands on.

What Happens If You Have A Whole Family Of Raccoons In Your Warehouse?

When you have a family of raccoons in your warehouse the damage they can cause adds up very quickly. Raccoons will climb almost anything because of their hand-like paws. They can grab onto crevices and tear through just about any openings. Raccoons are extremely smart creatures and quickly learn how to open and get into something with just a few tries.

This can make quite a mess in a warehouse full of boxes or even machines that the raccoons can damage or tear into. A major health issue with a raccoon is that they carry rabies and roundworm, which can affect people and other animals. Rabies is transmitted through saliva and blood and can be transferred to humans and domestic animals as well as other local wildlife.

Diseases That Raccoons Carry

Roundworms are in raccoon intestines; when the roundworms lay eggs, they are passed into the fecal droppings. If you come into contact with any feces unknowingly, the bacteria can be transferred to you. This transfer of bacteria may create a disease called Baylisascaris and can cause nausea, tiredness, loss of coordination, loss of muscle control, lack of attention to people and their surroundings, blindness, and possible coma.

Other diseases can come from wildlife like salmonella, canine distemper, and raccoon parvoviral enteritis. Any of these diseases can be very harmful if you come into contact with urine, fecal droppings, saliva, or blood from a raccoon, so please make sure you clean up with appropriate sanitation equipment to kill all the bacteria in the area raccoons may have had access.

Do You Need A Professional To Handle Your Raccoon Problem?

If you heard any noises or seen anything to indicate there may be a raccoon in your warehouse or one trying to find a way in, it may be time to give Apex Wildlife Control a call. We will be happy to come by and verify if you have a raccoon problem.

If you do have raccoons and you have seen them, then we offer exterior trapping services that can start the day we come out! Outside trapping services consist of live cage trapping. Typically we would need to see the property, but warehouses are known to have easy access for wildlife to go in and out of, especially big open doorways.

How We Solve Raccoon Problems Around A Warehouse

Since we cannot prevent anyone from leaving a door open, we set multiple live cages in the areas that raccoons are most active. The technicians put the bait in all the cages to attract the raccoons and we trap for seven days. We will come back a total of three times in the seven-day trapping period, and there is no limit to how many animals we can catch.

Once we catch the raccoons, we will relocate them 25 miles away from your property so they do not find their way back to your location. We are almost always successful; however, we cannot force an animal into a trap and therefore are not able to guarantee our trapping work. The bait will entice the raccoons into the cages, but because they are so smart, they may try to avoid it at first.

Cleaning Up After The Raccoon In Your Warehouse

After we have captured all the animals, it is then time to do the disinfecting and cleaning. Lucky for our customers we offer a fecal cleaning and deodorization service. The technicians will come out and clean and deodorize the affected area or areas. We want to help with what you need to alleviate the stress of this situation so you can tend to your everyday work and meet the needs of your staff.

Let us remove this burden so you can relax knowing it will be handled properly! Apex Wildlife Control does not harm animals unless they have rabies or are severely injured. Each service we provide is humane. Please give us a call today and let us explain more about our trapping and sealing process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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