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Raccoon Removal Services In West Memphis AR - Those Little Gluttons!

In West Memphis, AR, it’s important to understand that raccoons have a real fondness for cat food. They find it irresistible, much like cats do. This shared preference for cat food can sometimes create a bit of a dilemma, especially if you’re trying to trap raccoons.

Many amateur trappers use cat food as bait in their traps, hoping to catch raccoons. However, raccoons and cats share this taste, so it’s not uncommon to end up trapping cats instead. It’s essential to be cautious and selective when using cat food as bait to avoid unintentionally capturing domestic cats.  So, if you have raccoons eating your cat’s food, call Apex Wildlife Control.  We are here to help! 

Get Rid Of Raccoons In West Memphis AR - Other Wildlife Will Show Up

As a homeowner in West Memphis, AR, it’s important to remember that wild animals are constantly on the lookout for food sources. Leaving cat or dog food outside can attract not only raccoons but also a variety of other wildlife, including skunks, opossums, rats, and even coyotes.

Raccoons are well-known for their attraction to pet food, but they’re not the only ones. Skunks are nocturnal scavengers and are drawn to the smell of cat or dog food. Opossums, too, are opportunistic feeders and won’t pass up an easy meal. Rats are attracted to any accessible food, including pet kibble, and can become a problem. 

Expert Raccoon Trapping In West Memphis AR - An Easy Fix!

If you have outdoor pets, it’s a good idea to feed them using bowls rather than leaving food on the ground. This simple change can help prevent unwanted visits from raccoons and other wildlife at your West Memphis, AR home.  Raccoons have a strong sense of smell and are attracted to the scent of pet food. By using bowls, you can reduce the scent’s dispersion and make it less likely to draw raccoons to your yard.

After your pets have finished eating, promptly remove the food bowls. Consistency is key here; if you consistently remove the bowls after each meal, raccoons will eventually get the message that there’s no easy meal to be found in your yard. They’re opportunistic creatures and will move on to easier food sources.

Best Raccoon Trapping In West Memphis AR - Help Is On The Way!

Surrounded by miles and miles of farmland, West Memphis AR will always be full of wildlife, but that doesn’t mean you need to put up with raccoon damage.

If you have had enough of these adorable but destructive little rascals invading your home and and property and causing expensive damage, then call our friendly office staff Apex Wildlife Control today!  Our skilled technicians will inspect your home and give you a detailed report along with photos of where the raccoons are coming in, along with our recommendations for sealing up any entry points, plus humanely trapping and relocating these animals back to the woods where they can live out their best raccoon lives.

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We also perform wildlife trapping in West Memphis AR for rats, mice, moles, 

skunks, squirrels, opossums, voles, armadillos and much more. 

So if you have some little visitors you need evicted from your home or property, 

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