Rat And Mice Feces And Urine In Bartlett TN

About Rat And Mice Feces And Urine In Bartlett TN

Do you have rat and mice feces and urine in Bartlett TN? Have you noticed rat and mouse pills and urine in your cabinets? Finding rodent fecal and urine anywhere in your home is bad enough, but finding it in a cabinet where you store your clean dishes is horrifying! Nothing will ruin your day or your appetite faster than opening cabinets to reveal fecal and urine stains on your dishes. What initially be an annoyance has become a full-blown health risk. Let the wildlife professionals at Apex Wildlife Control help you with your rat and mouse fecal and urine problems!

Rat and Mice Feces and Urine Are Full Of Bacteria And Diseases

Are you aware that it was the bites of fleas carried by rats and mice that are responsible for the bubonic plague? Ship rats carried the fleas that spread the plague from port to port and contributed to the death of millions.

Rats and mice are capable of squeezing through the smallest opening imaginable and will often go unnoticed for some time. They carry a host of bacteria-causing diseases that can end up contaminating your dishes and silverware.

You Can Get Sick From Inhaling Feces And Urine

You may not have even been in contact with an actual rat or mouse, but inhaling bacteria from a buildup of rat or mouse fecal can cause symptoms that may be as mild as those of a common cold. Other diseases carried by rats and mice can lead to more serious illnesses, organ damage, and result in long-term hospitalization.

Habitat Modification To Prevent Fecal And Urine Damage

A scrupulously clean home can still have rats or mice, but at least they will be easier to find. Make sure that you clean your home well and often. Rats can hide or make homes in brush piles so clear any trash or brush piles away from your home. Cut back any tree limbs that hang over your room or close to the sides of your home so that rats and mice are unable to gain access to your roof easily.

Clean Up The Food To Prevent Rats And Mice

Feeding your pets outside could also attract rodents to your home. Be diligent about picking up any leftover food that goes uneaten at feeding time. This alone can help keep rats and mice from being attracted to and subsequently plaguing your home.

For the most part rats and mice are fairly quiet inhabitants. Depending on your insulation and attic location, however, it is still possible for you to hear them. Be on the lookout for signs of their presence such as chewed wood, scratching, or scampering noises behind the walls or in the ceiling.

Noises will likely be heard during the quiet hours of the evening, but this is not always the case. You may also notice signs of chewing on the outside corners of your home or find small golf ball size holes or smaller. Call Apex Wildlife Control if you have noticed any of these signs.

Our Inspection Process For Rat And Mice Feces And Urine In Bartlett TN

Apex Wildlife Control will send one of our wildlife technician to your home to conduct an interior and exterior inspection of your property. He will first be look for fecal droppings that will assist him to verify the species of animal involved. During the inspection he is checking for chewed wiring, damage to the HVAC and ductwork, and soiled or damaged insulation. For more information about rats and mice in your walls, click here.

Afterward, they will go outside to do the exterior part of the inspection. They look from the foundation to the top of the roof for all possible and actual points of entry. You will receive detailed pictures, and a quote to seal your home.

Our wildlife technicians are extremely knowledgeable and will do their very best to answer your questions. Our company wants you have a good experience given the situation so that you can confidently relax while we do the hard work.

Rat And Mice Fecal Cleanup And Deodorization

Should it be discovered that you have a rat or mice infestation your home may require an attic restoration. Apex Wildlife Control provides fecal cleanup and deodorization services, but we do not currently offer attic restoration services. Following his inspection the wildlife technician will advise you if you will require attic restoration services or if a simple fecal cleanup and deodorization services will take care of the problem. Our company can provide you with a referral for a local contractor that can remove and replace any insulation in your attic if it should be necessary. We have the deodorization equipment that can eliminate any smells of decay that may be present in the home.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to answer your questions. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our office at 901-598-8555. We will be happy to help!

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