Rat And Mice Feces And Urine In Germantown TN

About Rat And Mice Feces And Urine In Germantown TN

Are you having problems with rat and mice feces and urine in Germantown TN? Finding feces and urine from rats and mice is terrible, but finding them next to your clean dishes is horrific! Nothing can ruin your appetite quite like opening the cabinet to fecal and urine stains on your dishes.

What once may have been just an annoyance is now a full-blown hazardous waste situation. Let us help you with the rats and mice feces and urine problems!

Rat and Mice Feces and Urine Are Full Of Bacteria And Diseases

Did you know that rats and mice were responsible for a plague that killed millions of people? Ship rats carried fleas and soon spread the plague from port to port, contributing to the death of millions.

Rats and mice can get into the smallest of places and may go unnoticed for quite some time. Rats carry many diseases and bacteria. These diseases and bacteria can easily end up on your dishes, silverware and cooking utensils.

You Can Get Sick From Inhaling Feces And Urine

Even if you have not be in direct contact with the rat or mouse, feces and urine can carry disease. Symptoms can be as mild as those with a common cold. Other diseases can lead to serious illness, organ damage, and even long-term hospitalization.

Habitat Modification To Prevent Fecal And Urine Damage

Make sure your home is regularly cleaned. Although a scrupulously clean home can still have rats or mice, super-clean is the initial step. Be sure to clear trash or brush piles away from your home; rats can hide or make a nest there. Cut back any tree limbs so that rats and mice do not have easy access to your roof.

Clean Up The Food To Prevent Rats And Mice

If you are feeding animals outside, this could also be attracting rats to your home. If you have no other choice, be sure to clean up after the animals have finished eating. These steps can help deter rats and mice from entering your home.

Sometimes we draw a short straw and all we can do is damage control. Rats and mice are quiet for the most part, but depending on your attic location and insulation, you may still hear them. Signs of their presence include chewed wood, scratching, or scampering noises between the walls or in the ceiling.

Most of the time noises can be heard in the quiet hours of the evening, but not always. You may also notice signs of chewing at the outside corners of your home. Sometimes you will find small holes the size of a golf ball or smaller. If you think you have any of these signs, please give us a call today!

Our Inspection Process For Rat And Mice Feces And Urine In Germantown TN

Apex Wildlife Control will send a technician to do an interior and exterior inspection of your home and yard. The technician will first look for droppings to verify the species in your home. He will check for chewed wiring, damage to your HVAC, soiled or damaged insulation and duct work. For additional information about rats and mice in your walls, click here.

Afterward, the technician will go outside to do the exterior part of the inspection. He checks from the foundation to the top of the roof for all possible and actual points of entry. He will take detailed pictures to show you and provide a quote to seal your home.

Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable and thorough. They will do their best to answer all of your questions. Our company wants to make sure you can relax while we do all the hard work.

Rat And Mice Fecal Cleanup And Deodorization

If you have a rat or mice infestation you may require an attic restoration or a fecal cleanup service. While we do not currently offer an attic restoration service, we do offer fecal cleanup and deodorization. We will advise if you need a restoration service or simply a fecal cleanup service following our inspection. Our company does not remove and replace insulation but will provide the name of local contractors if necessary.

A fecal cleanup and deodorization service will usually suffice. If there are still remaining smells in the home, we have deodorization equipment that can eliminate decay odors.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to answer your questions. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our office. We will be happy to help!

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