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Owner Mike Maynard talks rat removal with Fox 13 News.  An informative look inside commercial and residential rat problems.

Friends, only 2 rats can create over 1500 more rats in a year.  JUST those two rats.  Their offspring can create even more! 

So if you see rats around your home or business, nip that problem in the bud now!

Are you hearing little squeaking, scratching, running noises in your walls and attic?  If you hear these noises mostly at night, then you just may have a rat in your home!

Little known fact: a female rat can go into heat just a few days after she has a litter!  Because of this, a few rats can grow into an infestation in no time.  Rats understand that predators are hunting them and they do not like to be out in the open.  They prefer dark, warm, safe places to hide such as your attic or walls.  Once you have seen a rat out in the open, there are probably many more hiding in your walls and attic and even your crawl space! 

Did you know that Norway rats can hold their breath up to 3 minutes?  Once they chew into your water pipes, they can swim through your pipes and actually come out through your toilet!  And nobody wants to share their water with a disgusting rat!

When it comes to getting rid of a rat infestation, there are several factors involved.  The two major questions are how large is the rat infestation, and how many entry points need to be sealed.  If you only trap rats and do not seal the entry points of your home or business, that would be like swatting flies and leaving the door open.  Not very productive and definitely a waste of your time and money!

Now some pest control operators will tell you that poison will kill your rats.  And they're right.  The rats will slowly die from the poison.  The problem lies in WHERE the rats die.  If a rat dies in your walls or another inaccessible space in your home, you will end up with the most incredibly horrible smell you can imagine in your home!  And the cost of cutting through your walls to remove a dead rat can be pricey.

Unfortunately, rats are known to be one of the most dangerous and destructive animals to have on your property. Rats must chew constantly in order to keep their teeth filed down so they can eat.  Did you know that a rat's teeth can grow up to SIX INCHES in just one year?  Imagine a rat with six inch long teeth!  Some of their favorite things to chew on are located right in your home.   Some of these items are air conditioning duct work, wiring, wood, metal and plastic pipes, and concrete.


Did you know that a rat's bite is stronger per inch than the bite of a great white shark? The strength of a rat's bite can be up to 12 tons (24,000 pounds) per square inch. However, the bite of a great white shark is only around 2 tons (4,000 pounds) per square inch.  Rats can chew through anything that's not harder than their teeth! 

At Apex Wildlife Control, our skilled technicians go through two months of intensive training to guarantee they give your home the best inspection possible.  We do not casually place a few rat traps or dangerous poisons around your home and hope for the best.  Our technicians will inspect your home inside and out for entry points and damage created by wildlife, and take photographs to document their findings.  The technician will then sit down with you to discuss your best course of action for ridding your home of wildlife.

Our methods of trapping and exclusion work are proven to rid homes of various wildlife.  In fact, we are so confident in our exclusion team, that we offer a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on all of our full exclusion work! 

To hear more about our warranties and guarantees, call us today at 901-598-8555 or leave a message on our convenient contact us form below, and one of our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you.  Don't wait for a small rat problem to grow into a full infestation!  Call us today!

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