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Owner Mike Maynard talks rat removal with Fox 13 News.  An informative look inside commercial and residential rat problems.

Friends, only 2 rats can create over 1500 more rats in a year.  JUST those two rats.  Their offspring can create even more! 

So if you see rats around your home or business, nip that problem in the bud now!

"But Germantown doesn't have rats."

Folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but rats can be found in even the most expensive of homes.  Rats care nothing about escrow.  If your house is made of something they can chew, then they will chew it and poop and pee and make babies.

LOTS of babies.

Usually if you see one rat, you already have a house full.  Rats do not want to be out in the open.  They prefer dark, quiet places like your attic or walls.  But once those places are full of rats, you will begin to see some of them in other areas of your home.  And that's when you call the professionals!

Just about anyone in the wildlife industry will tell you that rats are some of the most dangerous and destructive animals to have on your property. Rats have to chew constantly to keep their teeth filed down. Unfortunately, their favorite items to chew are found in your home!  These include air conditioning duct work, wiring, wood, metal and plastic pipes, and concrete.


Did you know that a rat's bite is stronger per inch than the bite of a great white shark? The strength of a rat's bite can be up to 12 tons (24,000 pounds) per square inch. However, the bite of a great white shark is only around 2 tons (4,000 pounds) per square inch.  Rats can chew through anything that's not harder than their teeth! 

How much does it cost to rid my home of rats?

Well, that depends on many factors, but the main two factors are the size of the infestation and how many entry points need to be sealed up.  If you were to set traps without sealing the entry points, it would be like swatting flies but leaving your door open.

Now many pest control operators will “treat” a rat problem with poison. This really isn't a very good idea.  For one thing, when a rat dies in your home it can sometimes fall down in your walls.  A dead rat in your attic is simple to remove, but a dead rat in your walls requires cutting through your walls to remove the dead animal.  And until you remove it, the smell is terrible and can last for weeks!

At Apex Wildlife Control, our skilled technicians are trained to find the smallest entry points where rats and mice can enter your home.  We do not just scatter a few traps around your home and hope for the best. To solve your rat problems, our company will completely seal your property of any potential and actual entry points to ensure you do not have a re-occurrence.

So if you hear little scratching noises in your walls or attic, don't wait!  Call us today to hear about our ONE YEAR WARRANTY on our exclusion work!  Or leave us a message on our contact form below, and a member of our friendly office staff will contact you.  We are here to help!

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