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Professional Rat Trapping In Arlington TN - Do I Have Rats?

Every homeowner is aware that older homes will creak and groan with the passage of time, and newer homes will begin to settle with temperature fluctuations. There are different reasons behind all the different types of noises that houses can make, but how do you know when sounds are normal sounds that the house is making or if it is something entirely different? If you think you may have rats in your home, here are a few signs to look for.

Sounds heard early in the morning or late at night then are a sign of rodents. Rats are nocturnal which means you will most likely hear them during the night.  Rats and mice will also leave droppings and dribbles of urine.  And of course, chew marks are a dead giveaway to a rodent problem.

Rat Exterminators In Arlington TN - Rat Infestation

Having large numbers of rats in your home is commonly referred to as an infestation. The reason for this is because of their ability to procreate in high numbers and very quickly. Rats are actually excellent mothers and can give birth to large litters at a time.  A successful mating pair of rats can produce up to 1,500 offspring in one year. They can have a large litter size and then mate again in a week or so.

Rats will mature within a couple of months and can then begin to mate. Imagine how many pairs of rats could mate after just a couple of litters. We are talking thousands of rats that could be in your home in a very short amount of time.

DIY Rat Removal In Arlington TN - Dead Rat Smell

If you have dead rats in your home they will be much harder to find than a live one. Living animals make noises that allow us to track them. It’s much easier to locate living animals than dead animal.

Dead animals can only provide a smell for us to follow. Make sure that you do not burn candles prior to our arrival. This can mask the scent and prevent us from locating the animal. Of course, wee understand that you do not want to smell the animal. However, it is much easier to locate when we don’t have to compete with other strong scents.

Once the technician has narrowed down the rat’s location, he will drill into the bottom of the wall.  He will then insert a Boroscope camera to look and see if he can get a visual of the animal.  Once the animal is located, the technician will need to cut a hole into the wall just large enough to remove the dead animal and deodorize the area.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Arlington TN - Rat Inspection

When you contact Apex Wildlife Control for your rat removal needs, we will schedule a full interior and exterior inspection of your home.  Our technician will then provide you with a comprehensive inspection report of your exclusion and trapping needs along with photos of any entry points or damage by wildlife.  Most of the time, we can begin trapping your rats that very same day. We take the guesswork out of solving your rat problems and restoring your peace of mind.

So if you are ready to get rid of those pesky rodents, call us at 901-598-8555 for a free quote on our rat trapping services.  You can also send us a quick message  about your wildlife problem, and our friendly office staff will contact you shortly. Call today, we’re here to help!

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