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Rat Removal In Bartlett TN

Rat Exterminators In Bartlett TN - Rat Infestation

Are you hearing little squeaking, scratching, running noises in your walls and attic?  If you hear these noises mostly at night, then you just may have a rat in your home!

A female rat can go into heat just a few days after she has a litter!  Because of this, a few rats can grow into an infestation in no time.  It only takes 2 rats to create 1500 rats in a year.  And that’s just those 2 rats, not counting the thousands their offspring can produce. 

Rats understand that predators are hunting them and they do not like to be out in the open.  They prefer dark, warm, safe places to hide such as your attic or walls.  Once you have seen a rat out in the open, there are probably many more hiding in your walls and attic and even your crawl space! 

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Bartlett TN - Rat Diseases

When you have rats in your home, you will obviously have rat droppings.  These droppings contain a tremendous amount of bacteria which bring severe health risks to your family.  Dust from dried rat or mouse droppings can be carried throughout your home through your air conditioning vents, landing on you, your clothes, your food, your dishes…basically covering your home and everything in it with a thin layer of rat feces.

Rodents carry several diseases including Hantavirus, Leptospirosis and typhoid, not to mention ticks and fleas.  Some symptoms of illness from rat droppings include include fatigue, fever and muscle aches.   The longer your family is in contact with rat droppings, they may develop headaches, dizziness, chills, and abdominal problems, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

DIY Rat Removal In Bartlett TN - Signs You May Have Rats

If you think you may have rats, there are many signs that you need to look and listen for. Check around your home for any holes or chew marks. Pay particular attention to the roof line and foundation. There may be holes that are leading under your house and into your crawl space as well.

Always be on the lookout for droppings. Rats and mice droppings will often be found in darker, secluded areas that smell like food such as your cabinets and kitchen drawers.  Listen for any noises like gnawing or scratching in the walls. Also listen for clanging and running around in pipes and vents, and climbing noises in your walls.

Many people do not realize that rats are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for over three minutes.  Rats will even chew their way into your plumbing pipes and come up through your drains.  When this happens, you may experience low water pressure and difficulty flushing toilets.

Professional Rat Removal In Bartlett TN - Rat Inspection

When you contact Apex Wildlife Control for your rodent removal needs, we will schedule a full interior and exterior inspection of your home.  Our technician will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report of your exclusion and trapping needs along with photos of any entry points or damage by wildlife.  Most of the time, we can begin trapping your rats that very same day. We take the guesswork out of solving your rat problems and restoring your peace of mind.

So if you are ready to get rid of those pesky rodents, call us at 901-598-8555 for a free quote on our rat trapping services.  You can also send us a quick message  about your wildlife problem, and our friendly office staff will contact you shortly. Call today, we’re here to help!

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