Rats And Mice Between Your Floors In Arlington TN

Are you hearing rats and mice in between your floors in Arlington TN? If you have rats and mice in between the floors of your home, you are not alone. Rats and mice are responsible for millions of dollars in home damage every year. Although they are small in size, they can create some very large problems. Rats and mice have the ability to get in extremely tight areas and evade detection. For more information on rats and mice getting into your home, click here.

Mice And Rats Constantly Chew

Rats and mice must constantly chew to regulate the size of their teeth. Did you know that the teeth of a rat can grow up to 6 inches in just one year? They chew on a variety of different items to keep their teeth filed down, otherwise they would starve to death. When dealing with rodents, it is very common to see chewed wood and even electrical wires. In addition to the damages caused by chewing, they also leave fecal droppings everywhere.

Rodents can live in just about any location. This is because of their size and ability to climb. It is no surprise that they hide out between your floors. Some people believe because rodents are between floors that they are impossible to catch, but that is just not true.

You should never have to live with rats or mice under your feet or above your head. There are plenty of ways to avoid this. If you already have this issue, it can be solved. Let’s talk about how Apex Wildlife Control can solve this issue. Removing the rats and mice between the floors of your home is not impossible.

Habitat Modification To Prevent Rats And Mice Between Your Floors In Arlington TN

Apex Wildlife Control takes rodent prevention and removal very seriously. We are in the business of fixing problems. We also help educate our neighbors on how to avoid these rodent problems. First, you need to make your property less habitable for rats and mice. Make it as difficult as you can for rodents to live on your property or find food. Most wildlife will choose a location to live based on safety, warmth and food sources.

Mice And Rats Love Free Food, So Clean UP!

Make sure there is no open food lying around. Also, make sure that any trash is not easily accessible. When food is left out, it incentivizes the opposite behaviors you want. This will only serve to attract rodents. Remove any overhanging tree limbs and trim back shrubbery from the sides of your house. Rats and mice can climb up the side of your home, but you don’t want to provide them cover.

Well-trimmed bushes and trees open up the area and prevent rats and mice from hiding in plain sight. If you already have rats and mice in your home, then the next step would be exclusion. Exclusion is the process of sealing a home to prevent rodent re-entry. This helps keep new rats from getting in and also allows us to trap the rats inside.

Inspection Of Rats And Mice Between Your Floors In Arlington TN

Step one of our process is to perform an interior and exterior inspection. During the interior portion of the inspection we will go into the attic or crawl space. During this inspection we are looking for a variety of different items. A few of the items we are looking for are as follows: Chewed wires, damaged HVAC pipe, soiled or damaged insulation and animal droppings.

We can verify quickly what type of wildlife is in your attic. This is done by the size, shape and color of the droppings left behind. We also check for chewed wiring, damage to your HVAC or duct-work and urine damage to insulation. We take pictures throughout the inspection process. These pictures are sent directly to our customers. The pictures show the condition of your attic and any repairs that need to be made.

Following our interior inspection, we will perform a thorough exterior inspection. Our technicians will inspect your home from the foundation to the roof for entry points. We are looking for all potential and actual entry points. Once we have completed the inspections, we will provide a detailed inspection report. This report will include trapping and exclusion costs and an itemized list of what needs to be performed.

Rat And Mice Exclusion From Your Home

Apex Wildlife Control can guarantee the trapping of any animal through our exclusion services. We seal construction gaps, soffits and other areas of your home to prevent rodent re-entry.

We set traps throughout your attic. Within a week or two, your home should be rodent-free. The reason this is successful is that our exclusion process has taken away their food source, water and ability to go outside.

Rat And Mice Trapping Process

Once the rats and mice no longer have the ability to leave the attic they will be forced to our traps for a food source. By taking away the option to go outside they have to go to our traps for nourishment.

Rat And Mice Guaranteed Removal And Double Money Back Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control provides a standard one-year warranty on all exclusion services performed. In addition, we also have a DOUBLE MONEY-BACK Guarantee. No other company comes close to this type of guarantee. If you have rats and mice between your floors in Arlington TN, give us a call today!

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