Rats And Mice Chewing Your Vehicle Wires In Memphis TN?

Are rats chewing your vehicle wires? Cars are one of the most important things in today's society. Without transportation, it can be extremely difficult to get to our jobs and take care of our families.

If you see a rat coming out from under your car it may not just be passing through. It is always best to pop the hood up and make sure the rats not been chewing on your vehicle wires. If you see any nesting material, food storage, or any signs of chewing you should take your car into a shop right away.

You could be driving down the road and the brake lines could go out, fluid could be leaking, lights not working, or any other dangerous situation that could cause a wreck or a fire. It could be something less sinister like a radio going out, but depending on who you are that could be just as bad. This is not that type of problem you want to wait to fix. It needs to be handled immediately for the safety of your family and other drivers.

Rats, mice, and even squirrels can get under the hood of your car and decide to nest there. Especially in the winter where it is warm.  One basic rule of wildlife is that wild animals will follow their food source.  If you do have rats, you will eventually have raccoons, snakes and other wildlife around.

If you think animals are possibly nesting in your vehicle, take it to your local mechanic to get the wiring checked out and then give Apex Wildlife Control a call. We can send a technician out to your property to perform an inspection. The technician can determine if rats have chewed any wiring or done any other damage to your home or property. If the technician finds that you have an outdoor rat, mice, or squirrel problem, there are several trapping methods he can utilize.

If you have squirrels causing problems in your vehicle or home, the technician can set out live cage squirrel traps to trap the squirrels.  Once trapped, the technician will remove and relocate the squirrels to a reserve over twenty miles away.  This is done to keep the squirrel from finding its way back to your home.  Since the reserve has many sources of food, water and shelter, the squirrels released there can live their best squirrel lives away from you and your vehicles.

Our Annual Rodent Maintenance Program is a stand alone service. This is a service that we offer to clients who want to help reduce the population of rodents on and around their property. This service is designed for home or business owners who have, or have had, an issue with rodents such as mice, rats, chipmunks, or voles. This is an outside trapping service.

Our Annual Rodent Maintenance program is designed to reduce the population of rodents on your property. To accomplish this, our company will initially set out between 3 to 5 bait stations around the exterior sections of your property. These bait stations will have lethal snap traps located inside of them. Our company does not use any types of poisons or Rodenticides. These bait stations are designed to look like landscaping rocks and blend in well with most surroundings. They are placed around the exterior perimeter of your home.

Our company will come out once per month and remove any deceased rodents, clean the stations, and re-bait the traps. This service is performed from the outside of the home and does not require the home/business owners presence to check these traps. The only exception to this would be if the traps were placed in a secured area such as a locked fence or a gated community.

If you continue to experience rats or squirrels chewing your wires in your vehicle, or even in your attic or walls, Apex Wildlife Control offers internal and external inspections for any wildlife problems you may be experiencing. One of our technicians will come out to your property and inspect your attic to check for droppings. That helps us to verify the species in your home and see if there are more than one species. They will also check for chewed wiring, HVAC, and duct work damage, and see if you're insulation is stained. We take pictures of our findings so you can see the damage to your property and what we need to fix.

Another way to keep your home a little less "rat-friendly" is to keep your trash cans tightly sealed so that rats and other wildlife cannot access your garbage.  If you feed pets outside, do not leave left over food out.  Rats are also attracted to bird feeders.  Keeping your trees and bushes trimmed back will also make it harder for rats to access your home.

At Apex Wildlife Control, we pride ourselves on our exclusion and trapping services.  So much in fact, that we offer three amazing guarantees!

Double Money Back Guarantee:

If for any reason you are not 100% pleased with the quality and workmanship of our exclusion work, we will redo the individual item in question and work to make it right until you are completely thrilled with the outcome. If you are still not satisfied, we will issue you a 100% refund for the item in question. That’s not all though!  We will pay a competitor of your choice to fix the issue. Nothing is more important to us than our customer’s complete satisfaction.

110% Best Deal Guarantee:

If you find another reputable wildlife control company in the city of Memphis within 30 days of the date you book our exclusion services who gives you a better overall deal than us AND matches our standards, we will match it plus give you an additional 10% off of their price! There's no one in Memphis that will do a better job for our customers than we will. I guarantee it!

Fort Knox Guarantee:

Are you worried that you will invest a large amount of money to protect your home from wildlife and not be completely covered? At Apex Wildlife Control we completely cover you! When a customer has our company perform full exclusion and trapping, we Guarantee against Wildlife Re-Entry for a full year. Our Fort Knox Guarantee covers not only the areas that we sealed but your entire home. This means that if an animal chews or damages an area of your home in an area that wasn't sealed in the first year following exclusion we will trap and seal that area for no cost up to $1000.

If we completely seal the property we can guarantee against re-entry. The way we seal and trap together we can guarantee the removal of the wildlife. Once we seal your home the animals must go to our traps for a food source.

We would love to hear from you and help you out with all your wildlife problems. All of our staff are very knowledgeable and can answer any of your questions. Knowledge is power and we never want our customers to feel powerless. We want to give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision. We appreciate your consideration and we hope to hear from you soon!

 So if you have some sneaky little creatures chewing your vehicle wires, call a mechanic first, then call Apex Wildlife Control.  We're here to help!

Rats And Mice Chewing Your Vehicle Wires In Memphis TN?
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