Rats And Mice In Your Attic In Collierville TN

How To Get Rid Of Rats And Mice In Your Attic In Collierville TN!

Do You Hear Rat And Mice Noises In Your Attic?

Clients will often call us because they are hearing different types of noises. These noises are often described as scratching noises, animals running around, squeaking, gnawing sounds, and fighting. If you hear these types of sounds, then you most likely have a rat or mice infestation. Since rats are nocturnal, you may see them running on your roof during the day, but you will primarily hear them at night.

The attic cools off enough at night for the rats and mice to nest. If there are too many rats in the area, they will fight each other to the death. And it is a rat’s nature to eat their own dead.

How Do Rats And Mice Gain Access To Your Attic?

Roof rats tend to climb up trees and use limbs to cross over onto your roof. They can gain access to your attic in a variety of ways. They get in by chewing on your soffits, going in through roof vents, and primarily entering a home’s construction gap. For more information on construction gaps, see below!

What Is A Construction Gap And How Do Roof Rats Use Them?

The construction gap is the largest area rats tend to gain entrance into people’s homes. Every house has a construction gap unless the builder specifically decided to close it. The construction gap is designed to help a house vent the hot air out from the attic. Rats and other wildlife take advantage of this gap to enter your home. If the gap is not large enough they will simply chew a large hole in this area.

Our Rat And Mice Interior And Exterior Inspection

When we are called about rats in someone’s attic, we need to do an interior and exterior inspection first. We look for droppings to verify the species and potential quantity of rats. Once we have seen the fecal and urine damage we check all the wiring. One of the main issues rats create is a potential fire hazard due to the chewing of electrical wires.

Fire Hazards Associated With Rats And Mice In Your Attic In Collierville TN

If we find any chewed wires or damage to the HVAC or duct-work we notify the customer right away. They will need to have an electrician make sure everything is safe. Wire damage is a very serious issue. A rat’s teeth never stop growing. They have to constantly chew on things to file them down like we file our nails. Wire damage is a huge problem in homes infested with rats.

After we note all the interior damage we then go outside to do the external inspection. The technician is looking for all the possible and actual entry points that the rats in your attic are using. Mice can fit into holes as small as a quarter. The technician will take pictures of all the damage and entry points they find. They will also give you a quote to seal the holes and trap the wildlife currently in your home.

Sealing Rats And Mice Out Of Your Attic

Our exclusion process is pretty straightforward. We do everything we can to mitigate an interruption of your schedule. All of the exclusion work is typically performed from the outside of the property. This keeps you from having to miss work while we seal your property. We schedule trap checks on Fridays.

The only thing you need to be there for is the initial inspection and interior trap checks. Trap checks are typically scheduled for Fridays. Unless we specify otherwise, all of the exclusion work is done from the outside of your home.

Rat And Mice Infestation And Population

The longer you let the problem go the worse it will get and the more expensive it will be. Mice or rats can have up to 1500 offspring in a single year. The longer the problem persists the more they will chew, urinate and defecate in your attic. This can filter in through the walls and start to smell, and in turn attract more wildlife.

When other animals smell urine and fecal it attracts bigger predators like snakes and raccoons. In fact, raccoons will often specifically target a home because they are targeting the rats in the attic.

Rat And Mice Droppings

Rats and mice are very unsanitary animals. Rats are most active during the night. They typically crawl over counters, and through cabinets searching for food. You can contract many different sicknesses from the dirt and bacteria they carry around on their bodies and feet.

Keep an eye out for droppings in cabinets and on your floors. If you see any fecal droppings in your garage assume they are in your house as well.

Rat And Mice Dead Animal Removal And Deodorization

Apex Wildlife Control gets calls about dead animals all the time and offers a pickup and deodorization service. Our deodorizer releases particles in the air that attack and neutralize smells so your house feels nice and clean again. We also offer this service with fecal cleanup. If there is too much fecal and urine in the insulation we suggest contacting a company that does attic restoration.

At Apex Wildlife Control we want to make it as simple and easy for you as possible. So if you have rats and mice in your attic in Collierville TN, Contact Us today!

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