Rats And Mice In Your Kitchen In Bartlett TN?

Do you have rats and mice in your kitchen cabinets in Bartlett TN?

Your kitchen cabinets are where you store your dishes, glassware, and food stuff. One day you notice signs that rats or mice are traipsing through your cabinets. This can be quite unsettling since it means you may have potentially touched and transferred the bacteria carried by the rodents. You may even have ingested bacteria when eating off your plates!

Health Hazards Associated With Rats And Mice In Kitchen Cabinets

It goes without saying that this is a huge health hazard. Having rat or mice droppings in your kitchen cabinets is the sure fire way to find out you have a rodent problem. You should call a wildlife professional as quickly as possible to perform an inspection and assess the damages if this happens to you.

Bacteria And Diseases Carried By Rats And Mice

Rats are carriers of ticks, fleas, and disease-causing bacteria that they can readily spread. Rats and mice can pass through the smallest spaces imaginable to easily climb up walls to access just about any area of your home. They deposit urine and fecal dropping everywhere they go, and this is how they spread disease-causing bacteria.

Rat And Mice Reproduction Rates And Gestation Periods

Rat And Mice Reproduction Rates And Gestation Periods
Did you know that rats and mice reproduce more rapidly than practically any other wild animal? Once a female rat delivers a litter she can breed again 4 days after giving birth. The gestation period is 21 to 23 days, and the litter number can be anywhere from 6 to 12 young.

It takes baby rats a month to mature, and at 3 months of age they are fertile. A rat pair can produce upwards of 1500 babies in one year. This is why people often refer to rats in their home as an infestation. It is always best to contact a wildlife professional as soon as you notice any signs of rodents in your home because of the fact that rats and mice can overwhelm a house so quickly.

Ways To Deter Rats And Mice And Signs To Look For

There are indications to look for that rats or mice are either in your home or trying to gain access. Be on the lookout for chew marks and small holes that appear on the outside of your home.

There are a few preventative measures that you can take on your own. Cut tree limbs away from your roof and trim back all the bushes from around the sides of your house. These are ways to remove easy access by rats to your home. In addition, you want to clean up any trash or unnecessary piles of debris in your yard.

Rat And Mice Habitat Modification

If you happen to feed your pets outside then you will want to be diligent and clean up any leftover food that is not cleaned up at feeding time. Rats and mice will go for easy meals, and leftover pet food is the equivalent of a buffet for rodents. The above actions can go a long way help to keep rodents from targeting your home. However, if rats have made it to your kitchen cabinets it’s time to call a wildlife professional.

Rat And Mice Interior And Exterior Inspections

Apex Wildlife Control are just the wildlife professionals to contact! Apex offers interior and exterior inspections for commercial and residential properties. One of our wildlife technicians will be sent to your home to provide a thorough interior and exterior inspection. The interior inspection goes from your crawl space to the attic. The technician will look for fecal to determine the wildlife species. He checks for chewed wiring, damage to HVAC, duct-work, and damage to the insulation, and takes pictures of the damage. The exterior inspection is around the perimeter of your home from the foundation to the roofline. He is looking for all potential and actual points of entry.

Upon completion of the inspection the technician provides you with and reviews the photographs of any damages. He will provide a detailed breakdown of the estimated cost for the work that needs to be performed. The work includes sealing your home and trapping the wildlife currently inside your house. This estimate is valid for seven (7) days which allows you a week to make an informed decision. This period also give you time to have additional carpentry work performed, if required, prior to the exclusion process.

Rat And Mice Trapping And Guaranteed Removal Procedure

We guarantee our work against re-entry by the current wildlife if we perform the exclusion work to completely seal your home. We seal the home then trap and remove the wildlife. Once sealed the animals must go to our traps for their food source which is the most efficient way to remove rodents from your home for good.

Rat And Mice Fecal Cleaning And Deodorization

Apex also offers fecal cleaning and deodorization services. We can have your home smelling clean and fresh again in just a few hours. If the insulation is ruined then we will advise you of this upfront. Our company offers fecal cleanup but does not currently offer attic restorations. If your insulation is heavily soiled from rat or mouse fecal and urine then an attic restoration will be necessary.

Rat And Mice Warranty Against Re-entry

Apex Wildlife Control offers something no other company does. We give a one-year warranty with all of our full exclusion and trapping services. We also have a Double Money-back Guarantee. Our technician will not leave your property until the problem is solved and you have your peace of mind back. If you have any questions please call our office. One of our staff can help to direct you to the best service for your situation.

Thank you for considering our company and the services we provide. Contact us today and we will be glad to help you with all your wildlife needs!

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