Rats And Mice In Your Toilet In Memphis TN?

Do you have rats in your toilet in Memphis TN?  I remember watching a horror movie when I was a little kid showing rats coming up out of the toilet while the main character was using the restroom. Having a rat in your toilet is a nightmare. This is not something that anyone should ever have to live with or deal with!

Having a rat come out of the toilet is not a myth. It has happened before and it can happen to even the cleanest of homes. Rats are drawn to homes that have easily accessible food sources or trash.

When wildlife enters homes it is typically for food or shelter. How they get into those homes varies depending on the species. Norway rats in particular thrive in water. Their feet and paws are built to push them through the water with ease. They can swim for long periods before ever needing to rest. Norway rats have been recorded holding their breath for up to 3 minutes before they come up for air!

Roof rats, also known as black rats will typically enter your home through your construction gap which is the gap between your roof and your walls.

Norway rats come from the sewer system more often than not. We cannot get them out of the sewer or even deal with the rats that far down. Our company can only assess your home and give you the best options to stop them from continuing to get into your home.

These large rats are built to survive in sewers and can travel through pipes. Some of these pipes will lead outside, under your home, in your home’s pipes, and yes, in your toilets. Let's hope you never have to experience rats in your toilet.  But if you do, call Apex Wildlife Control today!

Having large numbers of rats in your home is commonly referred to as an infestation. The reason for this is because of their ability to procreate in high numbers and very quickly. A successful mating pair of rats can produce up to 1,500 offspring in only one year!

Rats mature around a month and can then begin to mate. Imagine how many pairs of rats could mate after just a couple of litters.  We are talking thousands of rats that could be in your home in a very short amount of time.  This could make a situation that is already bad become unbearable rather quickly.

When you have a rat infestation, there are many signs that you need to look and listen for. Always be on the lookout for droppings under your home, in your attic, and your kitchen cabinets. These are easy places for rats to look for food. Listen for any noises like gnawing or scratching in the walls. Also listen for clanging and running around in pipes, and climbing noises in your walls.

If you have seen rats in your toilet in Memphis TN, you need to check for any cracks in the pipework or leaks and make sure you do not have a slow leak somewhere that you are unaware of. Sometimes if there are too many rats in the pipes, it can lead to low water pressure or drains that can be clogged up. This could be a reason why a toilet isn’t flushing very well.

Apex Wildlife Control will send one of our very knowledgeable technicians to your home to do an interior and exterior inspection. On the interior inspection, he will go into your attic to look for any rat droppings. The technician will also check for chewed wiring, damage to your air ducts, HVAC, pipes, and any other signs of wildlife in your home.  He will then provide you with pictures of all of his findings. Once he has finished the interior inspection, he will then continue to the exterior part of the inspection. The exterior inspection includes inspecting the crawl spaces under your home for damage and droppings.

Our technician will check the pipes and vents under your home and document all his findings. In addition, he will look from the bottom of your foundation to the top of your roof for all possible and actual entry points.

At Apex Wildlife Control, we pride ourselves on our exclusion and trapping services.  So much in fact, that we offer three amazing guarantees!

Double Money Back Guarantee:

If for any reason you are not 100% pleased with the quality and workmanship of our exclusion work, we will redo the individual item in question and work to make it right until you are completely thrilled with the outcome. If you are still not satisfied, we will issue you a 100% refund for the item in question. That’s not all though!  We will pay a competitor of your choice to fix the issue. Nothing is more important to us than our customer’s complete satisfaction.

110% Best Deal Guarantee:

If you find another reputable wildlife control company in the city of Memphis within 30 days of the date you book our exclusion services who gives you a better overall deal than us AND matches our standards, we will match it plus give you an additional 10% off of their price! There's no one in Memphis that will do a better job for our customers than we will. I guarantee it!

Fort Knox Guarantee:

Are you worried that you will invest a large amount of money to protect your home from wildlife and not be completely covered? At Apex Wildlife Control we completely cover you! When a customer has our company perform full exclusion and trapping, we Guarantee against Wildlife Re-Entry for a full year. Our Fort Knox Guarantee covers not only the areas that we sealed but your entire home. This means that if an animal chews or damages an area of your home in an area that wasn't sealed in the first year following exclusion we will trap and seal that area for no cost up to $1000.

If we completely seal the property, we can guarantee against re-entry. By trapping and sealing your home at the same time, we can guarantee the removal of the wildlife. Once we seal your home the rats and mice must go to our traps for a food source.

At Apex Wildlife Control, we also offer a fecal cleaning and deodorization service.  Our technicians can have your home feeling clean and fresh again in a few short hours. If your insulation is ruined then we will let you know this upfront.  Our company does offer fecal cleanup, but we do not currently offer attic restorations. An attic restoration may be required if you have heavily soiled insulation from rat fecal and urine.

 So if you are sharing your toilet with a disgusting rat or mouse, give us a call today!  Our skilled technicians are here to help you get rid of those rodents and reclaim your bathroom!

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