Are rats and mice chewing on your air conditioning wires in Collierville, TN? Rats and mice can be some of the most destructive and sneaky wildlife there is. The problem with rats and mice, is that they can do a lot of damage before you even realize they are there. Mice are tiny and can be very quiet. They can also fit into very small spaces.

Rats can be heard much better than mice. However, unless they are chewing right next to the area you’re in, you may not even know they are there. The only sure way to tell quickly and easily is by their droppings. Rats and mice can be identified by the size, color, and shape of the rat or mice feces.

Ever Wonder Why Rats And Mice Chew Air Conditioning Wires?

Mice and rats teeth never stop growing. They need to chew all the time to file down their teeth to a manageable level. If their teeth get to be too long then they will not be able to eat and chew their food well. Wires are one of the most common things rats chew on.

Rats And Mice Chew On More Than Just Air Conditioning Wires

Air conditioning lines are easy to get to once the rats and mice have found an entrance into your home. If they chew through the electrical lines this will create a fire hazard. This can easily happen especially when it is in the heat of the summer and your attic is already very hot so it would not take long for this to light and speed a fire throughout your home.

Water Damage Associated With Rats And Mice Chewing Water Lines

Rats and mice can also chew through plastic pipes that hold water. Depending on the size of the hole and the water pressure, it could create a slow small leak, or the pipe could burst to flood your home. When the leak is small it may not be noticeable for a long time.

Leaking water can soak through the wood, insulation, and eventually through the walls. Once it has soaked through the walls the water damage could be unrepairable. If this happens you would need to cut the wall out to prevent mold.

Any type of water damage has a very high potential to create mold. In the end, no matter which leaks you get, it will be very expensive to fix.

Diseases That Rats And Mice Carry

Rats and mice carry several diseases, bacteria, and mites. Mice are so small they can get around unnoticed for quite some time. They may be walking across your counters in your kitchen and you wouldn’t even know. If mice or rats have been on your counters and you touch this area you could transfer the bacteria from one place to another. You could also accidentally ingest the bacteria.

This is a huge health hazard to humans and domestic animals as well. The plague, which killed millions of people, was caused by rats and mice. The plague is most commonly spread through the bite of a flea that was on rodent. As you know fleas will bite animals and people. Once the rat dies the infected fleas will find another source of food. They can get on cats and dogs and then are spread throughout the home.

The symptoms of the Bubonic plague are fever, chills headache, weakness, and swollen lymph nodes. Symptoms can appear within 2 to 4 days after exposure. There is also Septicemic plague and Pneumonic Plague, but luckily these can be treated with commonly available antibiotics.

Rat And Mice Fecal Cleaning

Apex Wildlife Control takes the health of our clients very seriously. We offer fecal cleaning and deodorization services to our clients once we have trapped all the animals and removed them from the property.

To safely clean up wild animal feces, you need the proper safety equipment to prevent the spread of any bacteria from surfaces and inhalation of the particles being stirred up. Our technicians wear a full body suit, gloves, shoe booties, goggles, and a respirator to clean up fecal droppings.

Aerosol deodorizers are used once the fecal has been cleaned up. Deodorizers are also used when we are called to remove dead rats. Sometimes rats will be traveling through the walls and fall into a crevice and get stuck. Once they are stuck, it may only take a day or two for them to die of dehydration.

Rat and Mice Dead Animal Removal And Deodorization

It is important to extract the rat or mice before they die. Once the wildlife has died we have to locate it by smell and that can be tricky. The technician will drill small holes into the wall in the area that you can smell it the most. We then utilize a Boroscope to locate the rodent.

After we have removed the rodent we will use the deodorizer to remove the odor. For more information on our dead animal removal services, click here.

If you suspect you may have rodents in your attic or walls then give Apex Wildlife Control a call. We will send a technician out to your property as soon as possible. The technicians will do an interior and exterior inspection. We take pictures of all the damages, signs of wildlife, and their entry points. These inspections usually take about an hour or so to complete. Once we complete our inspection we will provide a quote to seal your home from wildlife reentry and to trap the wildlife that is currently in your home.

So if you think rats and mice are chewing on your air conditioning lines, give us a call today! We’re here to help!

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