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Rats Chewing Your Screens
In Arlington TN

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Rats Chewing Your Screens In Arlington TN

Rats Chewing Your Screens In Arlington TN - But Why My Screens?

Influenced by their natural traits, rats have an instinctual behavior that drives them to chew on window screens. Their ever-growing incisors necessitate constant gnawing to maintain length. Window screens, often made of materials like metal or plastic, provide a textured surface that satisfies their gnawing needs. Also, screens might block their view of potential food sources or shelter, leading them to explore and chew in attempts to access these resources.

Understanding this behavior underscores the importance of securing entry points, maintaining screen integrity, and implementing prevention strategies to deter rats from causing damage and infiltrating your home through the windows.

Rats Chewing Your Screens In Arlington TN - But Can Rats Climb Walls?

You better believe rats can climb walls! Rodents are some of the best little acrobats in the entire animal kingdom. Their flexible bodies and strong, sharp claws allow them to scale vertical surfaces with ease, especially brick walls. Vertical ascent is aided by their muscular tails, acting as stabilizers. 

Seeking shelter or just searching for food, rats will explore nooks and crannies, finding ways to ascend a seemingly impenetrable structure. Once these rodents reach your windows, it’s only a matter of time before they begin to chew through your screens — or better yet, any rotted wood you may have. Wild animals can easily smell rotted wood and instinctively understand these areas will be the easiest to chew through, granting access into your home.

Rats Chewing Your Screens In Arlington TN - Those Strong Jaws!

Did you know that a rat has 12 times the bite strength per square inch of a Great White shark? That’s right!  Rats can chew through anything that isn’t stronger than their teeth. Rodent incisors never stop growing, motivating them to constantly gnaw to maintain manageable lengths. Screens, often made of weak materials, are no match to their relentless chewing. Rodent incisors have evolved to an iron-like enamel, allowing them to chew through wood, plastics, and even metals. Drawn by simple curiosity or seeking food, rats will take advantage of small gaps or damaged areas to get into your home. When sniffing around your windows, rats can smell food and warmth. The rat’s strong incisors will chew on the screen to create holes, leading to unwelcome intrusions.

Rats Chewing Your Screens In Arlington TN - How To Keep Rats Away

To keep rats from chewing on your screens, a proactive approach is key. Start by eliminating potential food sources and sealing off entry points. Secure trash bins and store pet food in airtight containers. Trim vegetation around your home, especially around windows. Seal cracks and gaps in walls, doors, and windows with durable materials. Consider installing metal mesh screens that are rat-resistant. Scent deterrents like peppermint oil may help, as rats dislike strong odors. Regularly inspect screens for signs of damage and promptly repair any holes. By combining these steps, you can create an unwelcoming environment and prevent rats from making your screens their “chew toy”!

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