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Rats Chewing Your Screens
In Germantown TN

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Rats Chewing Your Screens In Germantown TN

Professional Rat Removal In Germantown TN - Why MY Screens?

Rats must chew constantly due to their ever-growing incisors. If rodents did not chew, their teeth would grow over 6 inches long in just one year!  Chewing serves various purposes.  It helps maintain dental health, enlarges entry points, and even aids in marking territories.  The bite strength per square inch of a rat is 12 times that of a Great White shark.  Rats can chew through anything that isn’t stronger than their teeth.

When rats target window screens, it’s usually because they are searching for shelter, food, or water. Screens might offer them an odor or glimpse of potential resources inside your home, prompting them to investigate further.  Once a rat  smells food on the other side of that screen, they have only one goal in mind!

DIY Rat Removal In Germantown TN - How To Keep Rats Away

Making your home less rat-friendly requires proactive measures. Seal all entry points, even the tiniest cracks and gaps, to deny access. Eliminate potential food sources by properly storing food in rodent-proof containers and cleaning up spills promptly. Keep your surroundings clean and clutter-free to discourage rodent nesting. Trim bushes and vegetation near the house to eliminate bridges for rats to climb. Remove over-hanging tree branches to prevent rats from dropping down onto your roof.

Regularly inspect your home for any signs of rat activity and droppings.  If you suspect you have rats, give Apex Wildlife Control a call at 901-598-8555. Our skilled technicians can make your home a rat-free zone in no time!

Best Rat Exterminators In Germantown TN - Expensive Damage

Rats may seem small, but they can create huge problems.  Once they enter through your screens, these rodents will quickly move throughout your house, chewing on wires and cables. This can lead to electrical malfunctions and even cause fires, resulting in costly repairs.  Rats also like to nest  in warm spaces like attics. Damaged and feces-soiled insulation can lead to expensive attic restorations. This damage diminishes your home’s energy efficiency, leading to higher heating and cooling bills.

Constant gnawing by rats can weaken structures over time. Rats will chew on wood, plastic, and even drywall, causing structural integrity issues that require expensive repairs.

Rat Mice Pest Control In Germantown TN - Rat Infestation Prevention

Rat infestations start with a single curious rat seeking shelter and food. Drawn by easily accessible resources, such as food scraps or unsealed garbage cans, this adventurous rodent will access your home through any available small gap or opening. Rats can squeeze through an opening the size of a quarter! Once inside, the rat leaves scent markings, attracting others of its kind.

A female rat can give birth to over 1,500 rats in just one year.  This rapid reproduction quickly establishes a flourishing colony, exploring every nook and cranny of your home. Ignoring early signs may lead to an overwhelming rat infestation.  If you suspect rats are chewing your screens, give Apex Wildlife Control a call today.  We’re here to help!

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