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Rats Chewing Your Screens
In Olive Branch MS

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Rats Chewing Your Screens In Olive Branch MS

Rat Removal In Olive Branch MS - Why Are Rats Chewing My Screens?

As an exterminator genuinely concerned about your home’s safety, I want to address a common concern: why rats chew on window screens. This behavior, though puzzling, has reasons rooted in their natural tendencies.
Rats possess strong teeth that grow continuously. Chewing on various materials helps them control the growth of their teeth and maintain their sharpness. Window screens, made of relatively soft materials, become targets for rats looking to wear down their teeth.

Also, rats may be drawn by the scent of food or the desire to explore. If they detect a food source inside your home or feel the warmth emanating from it, they might attempt to chew through screens to gain access.

Rat Exterminators In Olive Branch MS - Expensive Damage And Repairs

Rats possess a destructive capability that extends beyond their gnawing tendencies. Once they access your home through your screens, they can chew through wiring, insulation, water pipes, HVAC duct work, and even your shingles. Their urine and feces can quickly ruin your insulation, resulting in expensive attic restorations.  Chewed water lines can lead to water damage and repaired ceilings and walls.  And you can imagine the cost of repairing your electrical wires and HVAC ductwork.

However, the health risks associated with these rodents far outweigh any financial concerns.  Rats carry many diseases, and dust from dried fecal matter can blow through your ventilation, making your family extremely sick.

Rat Pest Control In Olive Branch MS - Tips On Keeping Rats Away

Rats can be persistent when attempting to gain access to your home.  Rats are drawn to food sources, warmth, and easy pathways.

Start by ensuring your home is properly sealed, eliminating gaps and openings that rats could exploit. Keeping your surroundings clean and free of potential food sources, like spilled crumbs, is essential. Properly storing food and waste in sealed containers further reduces the likelihood of attracting rats.

Additionally, consider reinforcing screens with materials that rats find challenging to gnaw through. Regularly inspect screens for signs of damage and address them promptly to deny rats entry points.

Professional Rat Removal In Olive Branch MS - Rat Diseases

Rats can carry a variety of diseases that pose serious threats to human health. Among these, hantavirus, leptospirosis, and rat-bite fever are particularly concerning. Hantavirus, transmitted through inhalation of contaminated particles, can lead to severe respiratory distress. Leptospirosis, transmitted through contact with rat urine, can cause flu-like symptoms and organ damage. Rat-bite fever, as the name suggests, can result from bites or scratches from infected rats and lead to a range of symptoms, including fever and joint pain.

Understanding the potential consequences of these diseases underscores the importance of swift action against rat infestations. Regular inspections, proper sanitation, and seeking professional assistance are crucial steps to prevent the spread of these illnesses in your home.

Rat Diseases In Your Home
Rat Diseases

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