Rats In The Walls In Cordova TN

Do you hear rats in the walls in Cordova TN?Have you been hearing scratching noises, chewing, running around, squeaking noises, or a dead animal smell coming from your walls? You may have a rat or mouse infestation in your home that needs to be taken care of.

How Do You End Up With Rats In The Walls In Cordova TN??

There are many reasons why rats in the walls are more of a problem than just a noise complaint.
If you are hearing what you think to be rats and mice in the walls give us a call. Typically rats and mice will be heard in the walls late at night. They can squeeze through holes that have a diameter of a quarter. They can most often be heard in the crevices of walls or the ceiling.

Rats And Mice Are Prolific Breeders

Rats and mice are also prolific breeders. They have the ability to reproduce upwards of 1500 young per year. Once they enter into the hard-to-reach places they can chew things up that can severely damage the house. Rodents have teeth that never stop growing. They constantly chew to regulate the size of their teeth. This is done very much in the same way we file our nails to get them manageable.

Rat And Mice Inspection

Our office staff take detailed notes and record all the information you give us over the phone. They will then give this description to the wildlife control technician assigned to your property. The technicians start in your attic and will look for fecal droppings, chewed wires, damaged HVAC, and much more.

How Do We Determine If You Have Rats Or Mice, Or Both?

We are able to make a determination of the species by the size and shape of the droppings. The amount of feces also tells us how long the animals have been there. It will also let us know the overall severity of the issue. We are also looking for any entry points where animals can gain access. This is in addition to the items listed above.

Dead Rat And Mice Removal And Deodorization

Our technicians are primarily going by scent to locate the dead animals. We will also gather any additional information from the homeowner. This may include where and when you last heard any scratching or chewing noises. Once we have gotten the information needed we will assess the situation and try to locate the animal. One thing to keep in mind is that no one can guarantee to be able to locate a dead animal. This is due to their ability to get into areas that are inaccessible.

Once the technician locates the general area of suspicion, they will go into the attic. From there they will try to locate the animal. This is done by smell and using high-powered flashlights. The insulation is checked while in the attic. In addition to these areas, we also check the air ducts. This is in case they are inside and the air is blowing the smell into the house.

Once the dead animal is located we will start the removal process. Prior to opening the wall up, we will drill a small hole in between the suspected wall studs. We then use a boroscope to perform a visual inspection and verification. After we can see the animal we will make a small hole and remove the animal.

The deodorization equipment we use neutralizes the odors. These chemicals are safe for homeowners and animals. The only service we don’t prove is to repair the wall once we are finished. A contractor will need to come out to do the repairs at that point.

Rat And Mice Exterior And Interior Inspection

After our internal inspection, we will then go outside and do the external inspection. This is where we are looking for any chewed areas and all the possible and actual entry points that the rats or mice are using to get into your walls. The technicians take pictures of everything and will send them to you so you can see how they are gaining entry. You will receive a quote for how much it will cost to trap the rodents and to seal your home to stop having any more future problems.

Rat And Mice Exclusion

Once you have signed the exclusion agreement stating you want us to get the rats out of your home and seal it up we will make an appointment for the soonest date we have available and that is typical with 5 to 10 days of your inspection. Our exclusion crew only needs you to be available to set traps in the attic and Fridays when we check the traps unless specified otherwise. All the sealing work is done from the outside the majority of the time and they can get it done within a single day for your average size home with no unexpected weather delays.

Trapping Process

Trapping can last up to 2 weeks for your average home. The first week the house is sealed up the rats or mice will be looking for alternate exits to get to their food or water spots. After they cannot find any exits, as we have sealed all the exits, they will go to our traps for food. We use snap traps and it is instant death. We find a quick death is the most humane way to trap rats. You have to control the population because they breed too quickly and have so many babies. If you do not then they would overwhelm us.

Anytime you hear any noises in your wall and you are unsure as to what is causing it, don’t hesitate to contact us. There is no animal or issue too big or small for us. Let us help you get your home back to its former glory! We can get it smelling good, clean, safe, and secure and help you to sleep at night with no other noises waking you up all night other than your kids needing a goodnight hug. If we come and there are no animals in the walls and it is just your home settling, then we are glad that we could give you your peace of mind back and you can rest easy that your home is in good shape.

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