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Rats In Your AC Chase
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Rats In Your AC Chase In Collierville TN

Professional Rat Removal Service In Collierville TN - Chewed Wiring

Rats in your AC chase can create some serious fire hazards. These rodents will get into your home’s AC chase when searching for ideal conditions for survival. These concealed spaces offer warmth, protection, and easy access to wires for nesting and chewing. The cool air from the AC system can be inviting, especially in scorching Collierville summers!

Rodents gnaw on electrical wires and insulation, causing potential short circuits and sparking. Their nests, made of flammable materials, can easily ignite. Frayed wires increase the risk of overheating, leading to electrical fires. Nesting rats also obstruct airflow, straining the AC system and triggering overheating which can increase the chance of fires.

Best Rat Exterminators In Collierville TN - How To Get Rid Of Rats

Preventing rats from entering your AC chase requires several preventive measures. Start by sealing all entry points. Regularly inspect the area for gaps or openings. Maintain cleanliness around the AC chase, removing debris and clutter that may attract rodents. Secure any food sources, both indoors and out, to minimize rat attraction. Trim shrubs and vegetation away from the house to eliminate hiding spots. Remove overhanging tree branches to prevent rats from dropping down onto your roof.

Regularly inspect your home for any signs of rat activity, such as droppings or chew marks. If you find signs of rats, call Apex Wildlife Control at 901-598-8555. Our technicians will perform a full interior and exterior inspection on your home. We will provide photos of any damages and an estimate to trap and remove these dangerous pests.

DIY Rat And Mice Removal In Collierville TN - Expensive Damage

Rats can wreak havoc in your AC chase, causing substantial damage. Their gnawing tendencies lead to chewed wires, insulation, and structural components, compromising the system’s efficiency and safety. Rat nests composed of dry shredded materials block airflow, reducing cooling effectiveness and potentially causing overheating. 

Rat feces and urine not only contaminate the area, but also pose health risks due to the bacteria they carry. Also, the presence of rats in your home may attract predators, like raccoons. Prompt action is imperative to prevent extensive damage. Regular inspections, proper sealing of entry points, and maintaining an uncluttered area near the AC chase will safeguard it from the damage rats can cause.

Rat And Mice Pest Control In Collierville TN - Rat Diseases And Filth

Rats in your AC chase pose serious health risks. Rat feces and urine contain pathogens causing diseases like Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, and Salmonellosis, which can spread through the air, contaminating indoor spaces. The foul odor rats emit signals their presence. As rats move through the tight spaces within your home, they shed fur and skin, contributing to allergens that can trigger respiratory issues.

Rats also carry ticks, mites and fleas. Inhaling airborne particles from their activities can lead to respiratory distress. Ensuring a rat-free AC chase through preventive measures is crucial for maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

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