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Rats In Your Attic In Millington TN

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Rats In Your Attic In Millington TN

Rat Removal Services In Millington TN - Do I Have Rats?

One of the most common indicators of roof rats in your home is the presence of their droppings. These small, dark pellets, resembling grains of rice, are often found near their nesting areas or along their travel routes. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs, especially in areas like attics, basements, and crawl spaces.

Another sign is the noise these rodents make. Roof rats are nocturnal creatures, so listen for scratching or scurrying sounds in your walls, ceilings, or attic during the night. These noises can be unsettling, but they can also serve as a clear signal of a rat infestation.  Chewed wiring and gnaw marks on your doors, cabinets and baseboards are also signs of rats.

Rat Exterminators In Millington TN - How Did Rats Get In?

Rats are highly resourceful when it comes to finding entry points into homes. They can squeeze through remarkably small openings, as their bodies are incredibly flexible. Common entry points include gaps around pipes, utility lines, vents, and openings in the foundation. Even seemingly minor cracks or holes in walls or roofs can be exploited by these pests.

Rats are also skilled climbers and can access your home through tree branches or vines that come into contact with your exterior. Roof rats, in particular, are adept at scaling walls and reaching attic spaces. They may also enter through damaged or poorly sealed attic vents.

Rat Pest Control In Millington TN - Expensive Damage

When rats infest your home, they can create a lot of damage. Your soft, warm insulation is perfect for rats to nest in, and it can quickly become soiled beyond repair with feces and urine from these animals.  Eventually, only a full attic restoration will get rid of the terrible smell.

Chewed wires by animals are a leading cause of house fires in the United States, and its one of the first things our technicians look for during inspections. Rats have a natural inclination to gnaw on objects to wear down their teeth, and electrical wires are no exception. Damaged wires can result in electrical malfunctions, fire hazards, and costly repairs. 

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Millington TN - Rat Infestation

Did you know that one female rat can give birth to over 1,500 rats in just one year?  And we are talking just that first generation! When you consider all the “grand-rats” and following generations, it’s little wonder that a couple of rats can quickly explode into an infestation!

Unfortunately, rats are good mothers and very diligent in the care of their litters.  A female rat can become pregnant again just days after giving birth, so you can see how quickly these animals can procreate.  Rats prefer dark, secluded areas to hide, so you probably won’t notice them until many of their quiet spots are inhabited. If you do notice signs of rats in your home, give Apex Wildlife Control a call today.  Our technicians are here to help with your rodent problem!

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