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Rats In Your Attic In Southaven MS

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Rats In Your Attic In Southaven MS

Professional Rat Removal In Southaven MS - Do I Have Rats?

Clients often call because they have heard unusual sounds in their attic, most frequently during the middle of the night. The noises are described as scratching or gnawing sounds or something actively running around over the ceiling. This homeowner most likely is describing activity of a rat infestation.

Rats are nocturnal. Roof rats can be seen running across your roof during the day, but you primarily hear them at night. Rats prefer to stay hidden in dark, out-of-the-way places in your home. The attic or basement is a perfect location as there is likely little human traffic to disturb their nests. Your attic may be hot during the summer, but cools enough during night for the rats to nest. As the rat population increases and too many rats are in one area, they will fight each other to the death. Rats have even been known to eat another dead rat!

Rat Exterminators In Southaven MS - How Did Rats Get In?

Rats are opportunistic and will take advantage of the smallest  entry point to squeeze into your home.  Roof rats in attics often traces back to their adaptive nature. Seeking shelter, warmth and food, these rodents will sniff out any gaps or openings around your house. Roof rats tend to come in through the construction gap, which is the area between your shingles  and the wall of your home.

Trees and shrubs near the house can act as a bridge.  Rats only need a hole the size of a quarter to squeeze through.  They also enter through unsealed plumbing or HVAC pipes, dryer vents or garage doors. Once inside, your attic offers secluded nesting spots — and overlooked food remnants provide a reason to stay! 

Rat Removal Services In Southaven MS - Rat Damage

Rodents have incisors. The teeth of rats, mice and squirrels grow constantly all their lives. This means they must chew constantly to keep their teeth filed down or else they would starve to death.  Unfortunately, one of a rat’s favorite “chew toys” is your electrical wires!

Since rats also create nests for their young in your attic, the possibility of sparks from chewed wiring could easily land near the dry nesting material.  Before you know it, your attic could be ablaze.  Chewed wires from wildlife damage is a leading cause of house fires in the United States. Frayed wiring is one of the first things our technicians look for when performing an inspection in your home.

DIY Rat Removal Methods In Southaven MS - Rat Infestation

Rats are prolific breeders! Did you know that one pair of rats can create over 1,500 rats in just one year?  And this is talking only about the first generation!  When you consider all the “grand-rats” and additional generations, it’s small wonder that a few rats can grow into an infestation so quickly!

Rats are very diligent in the care of their babies. A female rat can become pregnant again just days after giving birth, so you can see how quickly these animals procreate.  Since rats prefer dark, secluded areas to hide, they often go unnoticed until there are so many that the good spots have been taken up. That’s when the excess rats have to find food and shelter, and eventually they will migrate to other parts of your home.

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