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Rats In Your Insulation
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Rats In Your Insulation In Germantown TN

Best Rat Exterminators In Germantown TN - Why Do I Have Rats?

Finding rats in your insulation could be due to several reasons. Like all wildlife, rats are opportunistic animals and seek shelter, warmth, and food sources. If your home offers easy access through gaps or cracks, these determined little creatures will make themselves at home. Pet food left outside, bird seed, unsecured trash cans and an overgrown yard will also attract rats to your property.

If you have rats, usually your neighbors will also. Make sure your neighbors aren’t inadvertently feeding local wildlife. Rats tend to migrate from one property to another, especially in the case of infestations. Keep reading below to learn how quickly a few rats can turn into full-blown infestation.

Professional Rat Removal In Germantown TN - How Rat Infestations Begin

Rats are the infamous for their rapid reproduction rate. Just one female rat can give birth to over 1,500 rats in a year! Female rats give birth to anywhere from 6 to 12 young in a litter, and then the mother rat can become pregnant within days of giving birth. The male young are sexually mature around five weeks, and the female young within two months. Without intervention, a pair of rats can multiply into thousands in no time. Luckily, wild rats only live a year or so.

Rats are exceptionally good mothers and look for soft, warm materials in which to build their nests. Your insulation makes the perfect nursery for her young! Once rats have left their scent in your attic, larger wildlife such as raccoons and opossums will be attracted to your property.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Germantown TN - Expensive Damage!

Rats can wreak havoc on your insulation, causing a multitude of problems. They are adept at burrowing and nesting, tearing apart insulation materials to create cozy shelters for their young. This destruction compromises the insulating properties of your home, leading to decreased energy efficiency and higher utility bills. Rat urine and feces contaminate the insulation, releasing foul odors and create dangerous health hazards.

Rats also gnaw on electrical wires within the insulation, creating fire risks. The damage caused by these pests not only affects your comfort and safety, but also results in expensive repairs. Promptly addressing rat infestations is crucial to preserve the integrity of your insulation and home.

Rat Mice Pest Control In Germantown TN - Chewed Wires!

Chewed wires by rodents in your insulation can create significant risks to both your home and loved ones. Rats are always looking for nesting materials and often gnaw through wiring insulation, leading to exposed wires. This can result in short circuits, electrical fires, and expensive damages to appliances, circuits, and the entire electrical system of your home. Sparks from chewed wiring can land on your insulation or the dry material of a nearby rat nest. Did you know that chewed wires are a leading cause of house fires in the United States?

If you suspect rats are chewing your wires, call an electrician immediately! Then call Apex Wildlife Control at 901-598-8555. Our technicians are trained to trap and remove those rodents from your insulation and restore your peace of mind.

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