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Rats In Your Kitchen In Southaven MS

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Rats In Your Kitchen In Southaven MS

Rats In Your Kitchen In Southaven MS - Do I Have Rats?

Clients often call because they have heard unusual sounds in their attic, most frequently during the middle of the night. The noises are described as scratching or gnawing sounds or something actively running around over the ceiling. This homeowner most likely is describing activity of a rat infestation.

Rats are nocturnal. Roof rats can be seen running across your roof during the day, but you primarily hear them at night. Rats prefer to stay hidden in dark, out-of-the-way places in your home. The attic or basement is a perfect location as there is likely little human traffic to disturb their nests. Your attic may be hot during the summer, but cools enough during night for the rats to nest. As the rat population increases and too many rats are in one area, they will fight each other to the death. Rats have even been known to eat another dead rat!

Rat Exterminators In Southaven MS - What Can I Do?

First things first, let’s cut off their food supply. Seal up your pantry items in airtight containers and avoid leaving crumbs around. Now, onto those entry points – close up gaps, holes, and cracks they might be sneaking through. Steel wool and mesh are your new best friends.
Next, you want to set up rat traps in strategic spots, especially near those entry points. Peanut butter makes for some irresistible bait. If traps aren’t your thing, consider using rat poison, but be careful if you have pets or kids around.

Remember, these little fellows are tricky, so it might be time to call Apex Wildlife Control.  Our technicians can help you target these entry points, and get rid of these furry little freeloaders once and for all.  Call today!

Rat Removal Services In Southaven MS - Chewed Appliance Wires

Rats and mice just can’t resist sinking their teeth into those wires. Chewed wires aren’t just a nuisance; they’re a serious safety hazard. These animals can cause short circuits, electrical fires, and even damage your expensive appliances.

Imagine turning on your toaster and suddenly, sparks fly.  Beyond the inconvenience, it’s a risk to your home and family. If you’ve got chewed wires, it’s time to contact an electrician.  And then call Apex Wildlife Control.  Our technicians can help you get rid of those rats and reclaim your kitchen.

Rats In Your Kitchen In Southaven MS - Rat Infestation

Picture this: you walk into your kitchen and spot chewed food packages, tiny droppings, and even gnaw marks on your kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, that is the reality of a rat infestation.  However, there are certain steps you can take to keep a few rats from growing into a real problem.

First, seal all food in airtight containers, and clean up crumbs and spills as soon as they happen. Next, you’ll want to seal all entry points such as gaps, holes, and cracks around the exterior of your home.  Trimming trees and bushes back and keeping your trash secured will also help.   And don’t forget to set traps to catch these little intruders in the act.  Remember, it’s your kitchen – you’re the boss here!

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