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Rats In Your Toilet In West Memphis AR

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Rats In Your Toilet In West Memphis AR

Rat Exterminator In West Memphis AR - How Did Rats Get In My Toilet?

Actually, rats getting into toilets is a reality, though it might seem like a horror movie plot. Inquisitive and resourceful, rodents can access sewage systems through damaged pipes, gaps in sewer lines, and open vent stacks. A rat’s exceptional swimming ability and agility enables it to navigate through plumbing systems and even crawl up vertical pipes.

Once inside your home, they start to explore the plumbing networks, sometimes leading to unexpected encounters in the bathroom toilet. Preventing this shocking invasion involves regular inspection and maintenance of your home’s plumbing infrastructure, installing anti-rodent devices, and promptly addressing any signs of rat activity. If you hear rattling or scratching in your plumbing, call Apex Wildlife Control  today!

Professional Rat Removal In West Memphis AR - Can Rats Really Swim?

Rats are remarkably versatile and resourceful creatures. One surprising aspect of their behavior is their ability to swim and access toilets. This unique adaptation can be both alarming and startling for homeowners. Rats are strong swimmers, capable of treading water for up to three days. They can enter plumbing systems through sewer lines, swimming up pipes, and into toilets or drains. This ability to infiltrate homes through the sewage system is a potential health hazard, as rats carry diseases and can contaminate water sources. To prevent rat invasions via toilets, homeowners should ensure their plumbing systems are properly sealed and regularly maintained. Installing sewer guards and keeping toilet lids closed when not in use can also help lessen the risk. Rat-proofing plumbing is a crucial step in safeguarding against these resourceful rodents’ unwelcome visits.

DIY Rat Removal In West Memphis AR - Expensive Plumbing Damage

Did you know that rodents have 12 times the bite strength per square inch of a Great White shark? These small varmints will chew through almost anything. Your plumbing is no match for a rodent’s chewing abilities!

Rodents have sharp incisor teeth that continuously grow, compelling them to chew or gnaw on various materials, including pipes. The damage caused by their relentless chewing can result in leaks, water damage, and even burst pipes, leading to costly repairs and a major inconvenience. Rats can also access your water supply lines through damaged pipes, contaminating drinking water and posing serious health risks.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In West Memphis AR - A Rat Infestation

A rat infestation poses serious dangers on many fronts. Rodents carry diseases, contaminating surfaces with their urine, droppings, and parasites. Gnawing on pipes and wires can lead to water leaks, electrical issues, and even fires. The unsanitary conditions that rats create compromise personal hygiene and amplify health hazards. 

Rodents multiply surprisingly fast, raising the young in hidden nests. A female rat can become pregnant within hours of giving birth, and young females become sexually mature within 8 weeks. Just one pair of rats can create over 1,500 rats in a single year. That’s just the litters from these two rats, not counting the thousands of “grand-rats” the following generations create. In no time at all, you have a full-blown rat infestation in your home. 

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