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Rats In Your Walls
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Rats In Your Walls In Bartlett TN

Best Rat Exterminators In Bartlett TN - Do I Have Rats?

There are several telltale signs that often indicate rats are in the walls of your house. Unexplained scratching or scrambling noises within the walls, particularly during the night, are often an indication of rats. The distinct odor of rat urine may become noticeable. Rats also leave droppings along their paths, so finding small, dark feces near walls or corners could indicate a rat infestation.

Rats move quickly throughout your house by using walls, vents, and even air ducts. The jaw muscles of a rat can exert up to 12 tons per square inch. By comparison, a Great White shark bites with a force of 1.8 to 2 tons per square inch. Rats can chew through anything that is not harder than their teeth. Your water pipes, air ducts, and any type of housing materials are no match for hungry, determined rats!

DIY Rat And Mice Removal In Bartlett TN - How Did Rats Get In My House?

Rats will find a number of ways to get into your home as they seek food and shelter. Their amazing ability to squeeze through small openings allows them to utilize minor gaps in walls, doors or windows. Rats only need a tiny space the size of a quarter to get into your house!

Rats are excellent climbers. They use tree branches and overhangs to drop onto your roof. Poorly secured garage doors or open crawl spaces provide easy entry. Regularly inspect around your home and yard. Seal any potential entry points, eliminate food sources, and maintain cleanliness to ensure a rat-free and healthy living environment

Professional Rat Removal Service In Bartlett TN - Rat Diseases

Rat-borne diseases pose a significant threat to human health and well-being. Rats can transmit various pathogens through direct contact with their urine, feces or saliva, contaminating surfaces and food. Hantavirus, spread by inhaling airborne particles from rat feces, can lead to severe respiratory issues. Leptospirosis, acquired from contaminated water or soil, causes flu-like symptoms and potential organ damage. Bacteria like Salmonella, which is commonly carried by rats, causes gastrointestinal distress. Plague, transmitted through rat fleas, can be fatal without prompt treatment. 

Maintaining a clean environment and properly storing food products, both inside your home and around your property,  are crucial steps to curb the dangers of rat-carried diseases and ensure  a safe living environment.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Bartlett TN - What If I Have A Rat Infestation?

Dealing with a rat infestation in your home requires an organized approach to ensure effective removal and prevention. Rats procreate quickly. One pair of rats can produce over 1,500 rats in just one year! A female rat can become pregnant within two days of giving birth, and her babies become sexually mature within two months.

First, identify entry points and seal them off to prevent further rat access. Thoroughly clean and sanitize affected areas, removing potential food sources and nesting materials.  Focus on maintaining cleanliness, storing food properly, and decluttering to discourage rat activity. 

Vigilance is key. Continued preventive measures such as routine maintenance will help ensure a rat-free and healthier living environment for you and your family.

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