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Rats In Your Walls
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Rats In Your Walls In Eads TN

Professional Rat Removal In Eads TN - How Do I Know If I Have Rats?

We often receive calls: “How do I know if I have rats in my walls?” If you hear unexplained scratching or bumping noises in your walls, particularly during the night, it often signifies the presence of rats. If you notice small dark droppings along the wall edges or corners, that’s also a telltale sign. Rats running along the edges of a room will often leave grease marks or smudges along the walls, resulting from their oily fur rubbing against the surface. If you see gnaw marks on wood surfaces or wires, that suggests rat activity. 

If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to promptly investigate further. Once rats gain entry into your home, they will move throughout your house by using walls, vents, and even air ducts.  Roof Rats often enter through your roof line, but they travel in the walls throughout your home in search of food.  As the rats multiply, there will be less food to go around, so eventually they end up in your kitchen looking for snacks!

DIY Rat Removal In Eads TN - How Did Rats Get In?

Rats can get into your house through a multitude of routes. Walls provide them with “interstates” throughout your entire home! Utilizing their dexterity and adaptability, rats easily enter through small gaps in exterior walls, doors, or windows. Damaged vents, pipes or utility lines offer convenient entry points. A rat’s natural climbing ability enables it to use overhanging tree branches to drop down onto your roof and slip through the construction gap along your roof line. Poorly sealed garage doors, crawl spaces, or basements also serve as entry points. 

The scent of leftover food, exposed trash, or pet food acts as a potent lure, encouraging them indoors. Seeking refuge from weather conditions, rats will seek warmth and shelter within your home. To prevent rodent entry into your house, regularly inspect and seal potential entry points, maintain cleanliness, and eliminate sources of attraction. 

Rat Control Methods In Eads TN - Rat Diseases

Rats are host to numerous diseases that cause substantial harm to humans. These pathogens rapidly spread and cause severe health consequences. Diseases like Leptospirosis, transmitted through contact with rat urine-contaminated water or soil, can lead to flu-like symptoms and organ damage. Hantavirus, primarily spread through inhaling particles from rat feces and urine, can cause severe respiratory distress. 

Rat-bite fever results from bites or scratches and leads to fever and rash. Salmonella and other bacteria carried by rats can contaminate food, leading to gastrointestinal illnesses.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Eads TN - Prevent A Rat Infestation

If you think you have a rat infestation in your home, immediate action is crucial. Begin by identifying entry points and sealing them to prevent further access by the rats. Thoroughly clean and sanitize affected areas, eliminating potential food sources and nesting materials. Focus on maintaining a clean environment, storing food securely, and reducing clutter to discourage rat activity. Most important — remain vigilant through routine inspections and preventive measures to prevent future infestations.

If you think you have rats, call Apex Wildlife Control today and schedule an inspection with our friendly office staff.  Our technicians will start clearing out those rats immediately!

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