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Rats On Your Roof
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Rats On Your Roof In Southaven MS

Professional Rat Removal In Southaven MS - Are Those Roof Rats?

Roof rats are skilled climbers and very adaptable creatures. You may see them running across your roof during the day, or hear them scampering around in your attic at night. Rats are nocturnal animals. If you hear noises in your attic during the middle of the night, you just might have roof rats.

Roof rats get their name from their tendency to enter your home through the construction gap, which is the gap between your shingles and the side of your home.  The presence of rats poses serious health risks, as they transmit diseases to humans and pets through contact with their feces and urine. Periodically check your roof when you are considering repairs to your home. If you suspect roof rats, give us a call at 901-598-8555. Rats are capable of doing a great deal of damage to a home in an extremely short amount of time.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Southaven MS - Fire Hazards?

Rats pose a significant fire hazard due to their gnawing behavior and nesting habits. Their constant chewing on electrical wires can expose live circuits, triggering short circuits or sparks that ignite fires. Nesting materials like paper, fabric and insulation provide ideal kindling. Once a fire starts, it can spread rapidly within tight spaces like attics and walls, making early detection difficult.  

Preventive measures are crucial: regular inspections, sealing entry points, and maintaining cleanliness is essential. Addressing rat infestations promptly reduces the risk of fires, safeguarding both property and lives. Not only do rats create hazardous situations, but the damage they cause can be very expensive in the long run.

DIY Rat Removal Methods In Southaven MS - How To Keep Rats Away

Securing your home against rat infestations requires a proactive approach. First, seal all potential entry points, including gaps and holes. Maintain cleanliness by securing trash and storing food in airtight containers. Regularly clean up clutter and debris, eliminating hiding spots. Keep tree branches trimmed away from your roof so rats are unable to drop down from the trees onto your roof. Trim back vegetation near your house to discourage nesting sites.

It is best to avoid feeding local wildlife since a food source will attract rats and other wildlife to your property.  Remove any leftover food that is not cleaned up by your pets at feeding time if you feed your pets outside. Stay vigilant and conduct routine inspections. By combining these methods, you create an unwelcome environment for rats, minimizing the chances of an infestation.

Expert Rat Trapping In Southaven MS - Rat Inspection

A thorough rat inspection by Apex Wildlife Control is crucial for a safe and healthy home environment. When you contact us for your rat removal needs, we will schedule a full interior and exterior inspection of your home.  By assessing signs of rat presence such as droppings, gnaw marks and tracks, our technician will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report of your exclusion and trapping needs, together with photos of any entry points or damage by wildlife.  We usually can begin trapping your rats that same day. We take the guesswork out of solving your rat problems and restore your peace of mind.

So, when you are ready to get rid of those pesky rodents, call us at 901-598-8555 for a free quote on our rat trapping services.  You can also send us a quick message  about your specific rat problem, and our friendly office staff will contact you. Call today — we’re here to help!

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