Repairing Rat And Mice Openings In Memphis TN

Have rats and mice been chewing on your home? We are experts at repairing rat and mice openings! Are you starting to notice holes and chew marks around your building’s exterior walls lately? If you have noticed holes in your home you have probably heard scratching or chewing at some point as well.

Rats and mice are notorious for chewing holes in many different areas of your home. As soon as you notice signs of mice or rats in your home take action before the problem becomes worse. Repairing rat and mice openings right away is essential.

Rat And Mice Interior And Exterior Inspection

Apex Wildlife Control performs internal and external inspections of residential and commercial properties of all sizes. We send experienced technicians to help you through this process and explain what is going on. The technicians will first go into your attic and look for fecal droppings to verify the species.

Damage Caused By Rats And Mice

Our technicians check to see if there are any chewed wires or damage to your HVAC. In addition, we also check the duct-work and insulation for damage. Afterward, we perform the exterior portion of your inspection. Our inspection begins at the foundation of the home and extends to the roof. We are inspecting for any potential or actual points of entry.

You will receive pictures of all of our findings and know-how the rats or mice are getting into your property. Our technicians will give you a quote the same day for what needs to be done to seal your property while repairing rat and mice openings. This estimate will also include trapping the animals.

What If Your Home Required Carpentry Work?

The only thing our company does not do is major carpentry work like rotted wood or concrete foundation work. Your technicians will let you know if they find any rotted wood. This is done so you have ample time to replace rotted wood prior to having the home sealed.

Proper exclusion work requires a proper foundation. If the wood is rotted the exclusion process won’t hold.

Once a carpenter fixes the rotted wood we can schedule your exclusion work to be done. We use a combination of metal flashing and hardware cloth for most of our sealing work. These materials prohibit rats from regaining entry into your home.

Construction Gap And Why It’s Important For Sealing Out Rats And Mice.

We check the construction gap and seal that as well. The construction gap is the portion of your home between the fascia board and the roof decking. This entire area must be sealed to keep roof rats out. In addition to construction gaps, we seal all other potential and actual points of entry.

The hardware cloth is basically like a metal net that allows the airflow but small enough spaces that the rodents can’t squeeze through and of course they won’t be able to chew through the metal. Everything we use is screwed into the wood or brick so it is secure and the animals can’t pull it off.

Once we have all the rat and mice openings sealed up we set traps in the attic. If you have set traps before and they didn’t work then let me assure you that it will this time. When people set traps in the attic, the rats or mice notice something has changed and they are what we like to call, trap shy.

Rat And Mice Trapping Process

Why would they go to this misplaced object for food when they can easily just go outside where they would normally find food easily that they are already used to? Well when we set traps, they will think this way as well except they can’t get outside to their normal food source because we sealed everything up and there is no exit.

The rodents will soon need to eat and they will have no other option but to go into our traps. When you fully seal a home and trap at the same time that leads to success. If there is still activity after 14 days then there was something missed the first time around and we will come out and do another inspection.

Our company does not leave until the job is completed and your property is once again a quiet and peaceful place.

How Our Rat And Mice Trapping And Exclusion Are Different

Apex Wildlife Control is different from other wildlife companies, not only because of our exclusion and trapping process but because of our ability to go above and beyond for all of our customers. We have a variety of colors that we can order our materials in, to blend into the color of your home.

If we do not have the color then we are willing to paint it for you if you provide all the necessary materials and paint. All of our clients that get a full exclusion receive a one year warranty against wildlife reentry as well as a double money-back guarantee!

We schedule on a first come first serve basis so don’t wait! Call today and have one of our wonderful staff members tell you all about our services and how we can help to solve your wildlife problems today! Even if you just want to have an inspection done so you can fix it yourself we would love to tell you exactly how to achieve the best results and where you need to start. We strive for happy customers whether you decide to have us do the work or not and knowledge is power.

It’s time you took the power back in your home and got rid of those unwelcome pests! Contact Us today to hear more about our trapping and exclusion process!

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