Roof Damage From Squirrels In Germantown TN

Roof Damage From Squirrels In Germantown TN

Do you have roof damage from squirrels in Germantown TN? If so, you’re not alone! Squirrels are fun to watch as they jump from tree to tree and chase each other around. What is not fun is seeing them running across your roof and causing damage to your home. Squirrels will chew holes in your soffits, roof, as well as tear at your shingles. These damages are very costly if not caught quickly. When you see squirrels on your roof, especially in the gutters, have a professional come right away. Roof damage from squirrels is very expensive.

When Are You More Likely To See Roof Damage From Squirrels In Germantown TN?

When temperatures fall, squirrels start to look for a warm, quiet and safe place to make their nests. This typically ends up being inside your attic or soffits. Female squirrels start to breed around mid-December or early January. They have a gestation period between 42 to 45 days. Female squirrels give birth in the Spring to a litter size of about three

Why Do You Have More Roof Damage After Baby Squirrels Are Born?

Most squirrels breed twice a year. The babies will stay in their nest for around 10 to 12 weeks. Once they begin to leave the nest, the mother will teach them to forage for food. This is when roof damage from squirrels starts to become more extensive. This is a result of the mother and babies now damaging the roof. The mother teaches the babies where to chew to gain access. This helps in their survival. Once a baby squirrel has lived in your home, it will not stop trying to get back in. This is the reason that homes must be sealed properly to prevent re-entry.

Wonder Why You Have Roof Damage From Squirrels?

A squirrel’s teeth constantly grow. This means squirrels need to constantly chew on things to file their teeth down. They will chew through wires, wood, plastic, pipes and just about anything else available, including your roof. Chewed wires can be a huge hazard with the potential to create a house fire.

If the squirrels chew holes in your roof, this can cause significant water damage. With any water leak, there is a chance of rotted wood and mold. Houses with rotted wood make wildlife entry much easier and more likely.

What About Rotted Wood And Carpentry Work?

In the event we locate rotted wood, this will be shown to you during our inspection process. A carpenter needs to be contacted to remove rotted wood. Carpentry work to replace rotted wood needs to be performed prior to our exclusion process, so we have a proper foundation to perform our exclusion.

Interior Inspection For Squirrels

When customers call about squirrels on or around their roof, we schedule an interior and exterior inspection. We need to see the extent of the damage and if the squirrel has gained access into the home. First, the technician will go into the attic and look for fecal droppings to help determine and verify the species. He will also check for chewed wiring, damage to your HVAC, and see if the insulation has urine damage. We take pictures of all of our findings and report back to our customers.

Exterior Inspection For Squirrels

After the interior inspection, we perform an exterior inspection from the foundation of the home to the roof top. The technician is looking for potential and actual points of entry. We often find the main entry points near or on the roof of the home. We give you pictures that include all of our findings.

Exclusion Validity Period

Once our inspection is complete, we give you a detailed report. This quote includes all the work that needs to be done to seal your home and remove the squirrels. Our inspection fee is included in the price of trapping. The inspection itself is a stand-alone fee if that is the only service we do. All of our wildlife removal and exclusion quotes are good for seven days.

Squirrel Fecal Cleanup And Deodorization

We also offer fecal cleaning and deodorization. Pricing for this service is determined by the quantity of feces and cleaning required. When dealing with fecal matter, it is important to always wear respirators. Our technicians have proper protective gear to keep them safe from bacteria and other harmful airborne particles. This includes a Tyvex suit, goggles, gloves, booties and, of course, a respirator. Sometimes the attic insulation is badly soiled and damaged. This requires a complete attic restoration service. This means all of the attic insulation needs to be removed and replaced with new insulation.

Apex Wildlife Warranty and Double Money Back Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control is different from other wildlife companies. We include a one-year warranty and a Double Money-Back Guarantee with all of our full exclusion services. Our double money-back guarantee states that if you’re not happy with the quality of the workmanship we will redo the individual item in question for free. If you’re still not happy, we will give you a 100% refund for that portion. We will also pay a competitor of your choice to fix that portion.

If you have roof damage from squirrels in Memphis TN, call Apex today for all of your Squirrel Trapping needs! We’re here to help!

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