Skunk Removal In Memphis, TN

Do you live in the Memphis area? Are you experiencing problems with Skunks getting under your porch, house or commercial building? Have you tried to get rid of skunks to no available?

We solve many skunk issues for customers.

  1. There is a skunk in a trap that the customer set.

Skunks are common in the Memphis area. As a result, customers can accidentally catch skunks when trapping for raccoons. If you accidentally catch a skunk and are not sure what to do, just give us a call and we will be happy to help. A caged skunk can be dealt with, and often without us getting sprayed or your belongings getting sprayed!

  1. There is a skunk on a customers property or inside one of their structures.

If you do catch a skunk, contact us and we will be happy to help!

Our Skunk Removal Services

Apex Wildlife Control specializes in a variety of services as it relates to skunks. Some of these services are:

  • Skunk Removal
  • Skunk Control
  • Odor Removal
  • Skunk Trapping
  • Removing Skunk Smells
  • Getting rid of Skunks and Skunk Smells

Our Skunk Removal and Control Process

At Apex Wildlife Control we have a six step process we use to ensure that each client has an amazing experience with our service. Because we pay so much attention to detail, this process can take an hour to an hour and a half long. This process involves:

  1. Performing an onsite evaluation property.
  2. Inspecting feces in order to determine the species of animal.
  3. Locate all the points of entry
  4. Assess any damages that the animal may have caused.
  5. Sealing the property.
  6. Provide a standard one year warranty on all work performed

We will then go over our findings with the homeowner and show the photos.

Our trapping process begins after we perform the consultation with our client. We trap for up to 21 days or until the problem is solved, whichever comes first. For those clients who have us perform the exclusion/repairs on their property, our traps will remain onsite until all work has been completed and inspected.

More Facts About Skunks

  • Skunks are Mustelids which means they are related to minks, ferrets, and weasels.
  • Skunk odor is caused by a unique chemical compound that can be treated.
  • However, tomato juice does not get rid of skunk odors.
  • Skunks prey on small animals, honey bees and birds. Because of their sharp claws, they are known for their excellent digging abilities.
  • Rabies is the most substantial problem associated with skunks. In fact, in the Midwest of the United States, the skunk is the number one carrier of the Rabies Disease.
  • Skunks are nocturnal. If you encounter one during the day you should definitely stay away from it.

So if you are in need of skunk removal in Memphis, give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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