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Skunk Removal In Eads TN

Skunk Trapping In Eads TN - Skunk Removal

With all the beautiful wooded acreage and farmland in Eads, you would think skunks would find somewhere else to set up housekeeping besides your home!  Although skunks are peaceful, gentle creatures who never attack unless provoked, most people don’t want them around for a very obvious reason!  These lovely animals can definitely stink up the place, especially if there are babies present.

 At Apex Wildlife Control, we only use humane, live traps to remove skunks.  Our technicians are skilled in trapping and relocating these stinky little fellows to a wildlife area over twenty miles away from your home to live out their best skunks lives away from your property.

Skunk Trapping In Eads TN - Skunk Damage

As much money as we spend to make our yards beautiful, coming home to a sight like this can be heartbreaking.  With their long, sharp claws made for digging up tasty grubs, worms and insects, a hungry skunk can make a mess of your sod in just a few minutes. 
Skunks are omnivores, which means they will eat meat and plants.  Skunks usually hunt for rats, mice, lizards, snakes and eggs, but they won’t turn down a bite of your fresh summer fruits and vegetables.  These are scavengers just like raccoons and opossums, and they won’t think twice about tipping over your trash cans in search of some yummy leftovers for a late night snack.

Skunk Removal In Eads TN - Baby Skunks

Mating season for skunks begins in January through mid March, and by spring the mother skunk will have given birth to anywhere from two to five babies.  Baby skunks are born hairless and blind, but their black and white markings will show within a few days.  Around the age of six weeks, these little ones will be toddling after their mother as she teaches them how to scavenge for food and look out for danger.

Baby skunks can spray just like adults, but fortunately their spray is not as strong.  And because the babies cannot control their spray at this age, they can easily spray when frightened.  Its very easy to tell when you have skunk babies!

Skunk Trapping In Eads TN - That Terrible Smell!

Do you have some skunks around?  Afraid to go outside because you might get sprayed?  The skunks don’t want to spray you either, so they have a couple of warnings that will keep both of you out of trouble if you just pay attention.
The first warning is the classic lifted tail, direct stare and a stern growl.  When that doesn’t work, the skunk will rear up and stomp his short little front legs into the ground.  Skunks think this is menacing, but its actually quite adorable… especially when the babies do it! 
Ignore these two warnings and continue to invade his space, you will not like what come next.  Respect the stomp!


We also perform wildlife trapping in Eads TN for rats, mice, squirrels, moles, 

opossums, raccoons, armadillos and much more. 

So if you have some little visitors you need evicted from your home or property, 

give Apex Wildlife Control a call today. 

We are happy to help!

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