Squirrel Babies In Your Attic In Bartlett TN

Do you think you may have squirrel babies in your attic in Bartlett TN? If so, you are not alone. Babies are a wonderful gift, but not if those babies are chewing through the walls of your home or gnawing on your electrical wires. The mother will not be far away if you find baby squirrels in your attic. Attics are a favorite place for squirrels to nest because they provide warmth and safety. To learn more about squirrel removal in the Bartlett area, click here.

Squirrel Mating Season And Gestation Period

Squirrels mate twice a year from December to February and again May to June. The males will start to act out and chase the female so you should hear a lot of scampering around outside and on your roof.

When the male wins the game of chase and catches the female then he will mate with her. The female then starts to prepare a nest if she does not already have one. The gestation period for squirrels is around 44 days. Typically, squirrels can give birth to anywhere from 2 to 4 babies per litter. The babies will generally stay with the mother for 7 to 9 weeks and then weaned.

Squirrel Nesting Material

Female squirrels will use trash, paper, plastic, sticks, and insulation to build nests. A quick way to know if you have a squirrel in your attic is to look for fecal droppings. If you happen to notice nesting material in the insulation or near your vents, there are most likely babies present.

Nesting materials are generally flammable so the nests pose a fire hazard. If the nests are near wiring they should be moved immediately. Squirrels will chew at practically anything. Chewed wiring can create a spark that could very easily cause a fire. If you do have squirrel babies

How Long Will The Mother Squirrel Stay With Her Babies?


What If A Squirrel Gets Stuck In My Wall?


What Happens If A Squirrel Dies In My Wall?

A decaying animal gives off a horrendous odor that is hard to ignore and can take weeks to dissipate. This length of time for the stench to go away will depend on the animal’s size and where it died. If not the decaying carcass is not located and removed quickly the animal you will have issues with flies and maggots. Other wildlife animals can be attracted by the smell of decay in your home. It is recommended that you contact a wildlife professional to handle the situation immediately. This needs to be accomplished not just for the horrible smell but mostly for health and safety reasons. Wild animals carry lots of disease causing bacteria that can get into your home and possibly make you, your family, and pets sick. Apex Wildlife Control are the professionals to contact for all your wildlife needs!


Squirrel Babies Can Die In Your Attic

Apex Wildlife Control offers a dead animal removal and deodorization service. One of our experienced wildlife technicians will begin with a visual inspection in the attic. They use a combination of sight and smell to locate the dead animal. They look down in between the walls from the attic space to determine if they are able to remove the animal from the attic. If that’s not a viable option, the technician will have to cut into the walls of the home.

Initially, the technician will use a small drill to drill in between the studs of the sheetrock. A boroscope camera is then passed through the hole in an effort to locate the carcass. A larger opening in the wall is then created in the wall and the carcass removed once the animal has been located. The area behind the wall is then deodorized with a mist that quickly dispels the odor.

Our technicians are thorough and will use every option in their effort to locate a dead animal. However, there are no guarantees with this service. Occasionally an animal will die in an area that is not accessible without doing major damage to your home. In such cases, a decision must be made on the level of damage the homeowner is willing to accept to remove the animal.


If Squirrel Babies Are In Your Attic in Bartlett TN, Call A Professional

Squirrel babies may be cute and small, but they can do a great deal of damage to your home. If you believe that there are squirrel babies in your attic give Apex Wildlife Control a call at 901-598-8555. We will be happy to schedule an appointment perform a detailed interior and exterior inspection of your property. Don’t let your wildlife problem get too big or costly before seeking professional help. Apex Wildlife Control specializes in trapping and quality exclusion services. We guarantee removal of animal wildlife from your attic when both of these services are performed in conjunction with one another.


Squirrel Removal And Warranty

Apex Wildlife Control offers a one-year warranty against re-entry of wildlife with our full exclusion service. If wildlife are able to re-enter the home through an area we have sealed then we will trap the wildlife and reseal the area again at no additional charge to you.  So if you have squirrel babies in your attic in Bartlett TN, give us a call today.  We’ll be glad to help!

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