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Squirrel Droppings
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Squirrel Droppings In Your Insulation In Arlington TN

Humane Squirrel Trapping In Arlington TN - Do I Have Squirrels?

If you think wildlife is in your attic in Arlington TN, there are some common signs to indicate it may be squirrels. Listen for scratching or scurrying noises, especially early morning or late afternoon, as squirrels are most active during these times. Check around your home’s exterior for chewed or gnawed entry points. Look for damaged soffits or holes near your gutters. Squirrels often enter through these openings.

Check the quiet corners of your attic for nests made of leaves, twigs, and insulation. Look around for chewed wires, insulation, or wood beams. Squirrels gnaw on objects to keep their teeth from growing too long. If you suspect squirrels have infiltrated, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage. Give us a call. We can safely remove these unwanted guests for you.

Get Rid Of Squirrels In Arlington TN - Expensive Attic Restorations!

Squirrels nesting in your insulation can really cause problems! They can quickly turn your insulation into a mess. Squirrels shred insulation materials for nesting, and urine and feces builds up over time. This can lead to significant damage to the insulation’s effectiveness and quality.

Squirrel urine and feces contain ammonia and other harmful substances that not only deteriorate the insulation, but also create an unsanitary and unpleasant environment in your attic. This can lead to a full attic restoration, which can be costly and time-consuming. Also, the presence of urine and feces in your attic can pose health risks due to the potential spread of diseases. It’s critical to address the squirrel infestation and insulation damage promptly. Give us a call.  We can help you safely remove the squirrels and recommend steps to restore your attic to its proper condition.

Squirrel Control In Arlington TN - Dust From Dried Feces In Your Air

Discovering dried squirrel feces in your insulation is more than just an inconvenience; it can potentially harm your family’s health. When squirrel feces dry out, they can crumble into dust-like particles. These particles can become airborne, especially in your attic, and get pulled into your ventilation system. When that happens, the dust containing fecal matter can circulate throughout your home. Inhaling or coming into contact with this dust can pose serious health risks. Squirrel feces can carry harmful bacteria and pathogens, including ones that cause diseases like leptospirosis. Breathing in these contaminants can lead to respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms, and other serious health issues. To safeguard your family’s well-being, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. This includes removing the squirrel infestation, cleaning and disinfecting the affected areas, and ensuring your insulation is replaced or thoroughly cleaned. 

DIY Squirrel Removal In Arlington TN - Apex Is Here To Help!

Just because Arlington TN is full of squirrels, doesn’t mean they should be able to use your insulation as their personal bathroom!
If you have had enough of these cute but invasive little creatures invading your home and causing expensive damage, then call Apex Wildlife Control today!  Our friendly office staff will help you book an appointment with one of our experienced wildlife technicians.  We will inspect  your home and give you a detailed report along with photos of where the squirrels are coming in, along with our recommendations for sealing up any entry points, plus humanely trapping and relocating those pesky little squirrels back to the woods where they can live their best squirrel life.
We are here to help with your squirrel problems!  Call today!

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