Squirrel Droppings In Your Insulation In Germantown TN

Have you noticed squirrel droppings in your insulation in Germantown TN?  Have you been in your attic recently and noticed squirrel droppings on the attic floor? If you have squirrel droppings in your insulation, you are not alone. We receive calls daily from concerned homeowners about this very issue. The obvious problem is not just the droppings, but the fact that squirrels are in your ho

Fecal droppings are the quickest way to tell if there are squirrels in your home. When we go into attics that is the first thing we look for. We can tell what species the wildlife is just from the shape and size of the fecal droppings. We can also tell if the droppings are fresh or old.

Identifying Squirrel Droppings In Your Insulation In Germantown TN

Squirrel feces can vary in size depending on the species. Flying squirrels tend to lay very small oval-shaped droppings all in one area. It’s almost like it is the designated toilet area. Other species of squirrel will deport their droppings sporadically here and there.

Fecal droppings and urine can ruin your attic insulation. If this happens, the insulation may need to be replaced. Fecal droppings contain a lot of bacteria and diseases. It is possible to breathe in airborne spores if you disturb an attic area.

To become infected, you must come in direct contact or inhale the fecal airborne particles. Usually, this happens while cleaning up the feces. Bacteria is often transferred by touching your face or clothing after contact with fecal matter.

If there is enough urine or droppings in the insulation, mold can start to grow. This is especially problematic if it is near an air duct. This can lead to airborne particles being circulated throughout your entire house.

Squirrel Droppings And Urine In Insulation

Check the ceilings in each room for wet stain spots. These wet spots could be urine that has soaked through from the nesting site. If this happens, you may need a full attic restoration. Attic restoration is when the insulation needs to be completely removed and replaced. The cost of an attic restoration will depend on the severity of the situation.

Proper safety equipment must be used when cleaning up squirrel droppings in your insulation and attic floors. If cleaning up fecal matter, ensure you have an N95 grade mask. This will ensure you do not breathe in any airborne spores.

Equipment Needed For Cleaning Up Squirrel Droppings

Rubber gloves protect your hands from bacteria in the droppings. A hazmat suit is also important. If particles get on your body or clothes, they can be transferred into other areas of your home. Having the right equipment to clean the fecal matter is just as important as having the correct cleaning supplies to sanitize the area.

Some bacteria will not die with regular cleaning agents. You need to make sure you are selecting the right chemicals to kill specific diseases and bacteria. You can never be too careful when it comes to handling fecal droppings from squirrels or other wildlife species.

Squirrels Can Lead To Bigger Problems

Be aware that the odor of squirrel droppings and urine can attract other wildlife predators. It is very common for a raccoon to breach your attic looking for squirrels and rats.

A predator that picks up the scent of other wildlife will follow it into your home. The amount of damage a squirrel does pales in comparison to what a raccoon will do.

Apex Wildlife Control offers a fecal and deodorization service. This service is performed once the squirrels have been removed and your home is sealed. You do not want to have this service performed prior to the sealing of your home.

Interior And Exterior Inspections

Our technicians will come and do an interior and exterior inspection. The interior inspection will begin in your attic. When performing this inspection we are looking for a variety of different things. To begin with, we look for feces, chewed wires, damaged HVAC, and urine trails in the insulation. These are all things that help us make a species determination.

Next, we perform an exterior inspection. This inspection begins at the foundation of your home and goes to the rooftop. During this inspection, we will take pictures of all our findings. These pictures will be sent to you via picture message or email if desired. We will provide a detailed quote to trap the squirrels and seal your home. If you choose not to have us trap or seal your home, you are responsible only for the inspection fee. Our inspection process will typically take an hour to an hour and a half to perform.


Sealing Your Home From Squirrel Entry

This service is called exclusion. After we perform a full exclusion, we can schedule a fecal cleaning and deodorization if this service is booked. We can typically perform this service in one day. We do not offer an attic restoration service at this time. Attic restoration is a service that completely removes and replaces all of the insulation in your attic.

Warranty And Double Money Back Guarantee

Apex Wildlife Control gives a one-year warranty with our full exclusion services. We trust our work so much we guarantee you won’t have another squirrel issue for one year. If any squirrels breach our work within that year, we will trap and reseal the area at no cost.

We also offer a DOUBLE MONEY-BACK guarantee. If you are unhappy with the quality of work, we will come back and redo that area at no cost. If you are still unsatisfied, we will pay a competitor of your choice to redo the specified section of work. We will also issue a refund for any unsatisfactory work.

Give us a call today and let us help you with your squirrel problems. We want to prove to you we are the best wildlife company around!


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