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Squirrel Nest In Your Attic In Germantown TN

Squirrel Trapping In Germantown TN - Do I Have A Squirrel Nest In My Attic?

If you’re not sure if you have squirrels in your attic, listen for scratching, scampering, or rustling sounds, especially during the daytime. Squirrels are active during daylight hours and can be noisy.  Also look for nesting materials like leaves, twigs, or insulation scattered around your attic. Squirrels use these materials to create their nests.

Search for openings or holes in your attic, especially near the roof line or soffits, where squirrels may enter. Check for small, oval-shaped droppings in your attic. Squirrel droppings can accumulate near their nesting sites.

You may also notice a smelly odor in your attic, often caused by urine and droppings from squirrels or other wildlife.

Squirrel Control In Germantown TN - Why Do Squirrels Nest In Attics?

Why don’t those pesky squirrels nest out in trees where they belong?  Well, your attic provides an even more secure and sheltered environment than trees.  During colder seasons, attics offer a warm and insulated space for squirrels to stay comfortable and raise their babies.

Plus, if your property has accessible food sources like bird feeders, gardens, or fruit-bearing trees, it can attract squirrels closer to your home.  Like all wildlife, squirrels are constantly on the hunt for food and shelter.  They have even been known to use the drip pan under a hot water heater conveniently located in an attic as their very own water fountain!

DIY Squirrel Control In Germantown TN - Ruined Insulation And Chewed Wires

Squirrels use insulation materials like fiberglass or cellulose for nesting. Their activity can compact or shred insulation, reducing its effectiveness in regulating temperature. This can result in higher energy bills, and nobody needs that!

Squirrels often gnaw on electrical wires, creating a significant fire hazard. Damaged wires can lead to electrical malfunctions, outages, or even house fires.

Over time, squirrel urine and feces can accumulate in your attic to create severe health problems for you and your family, especially for children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

Humane Squirrel Removal In Germantown TN - Relocating A Squirrel Family

The best time to relocate squirrels is during the early spring or late summer when young squirrels are independent but still relatively small.  For best results, contact a professional wildlife company like Apex Wildlife Control.  Our technicians are trained to humanely trap and relocate squirrel families that have nested in your attic.

Once we are sure all the squirrels have been vacated, we recommend sealing all entry points to prevent re-entry.

Since you may have more squirrels in the area ready to move into this recently vacated space in your attic, its a good idea to inspect your home frequently for new entry points chewed by these would-be tenants!

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