Do you have issues with squirrels in your attic? We are experts in squirrel removal from your attic. At Apex we guarantee that we can get rid of squirrels that are causing issues on your property. We are able to give this guarantee when performing full exclusion services. When squirrels are living in an attic, they can make an awful racket. Many times people hear noises and think it’s a rodent. Often times it’s just a couple of squirrels playing!

Our wildlife technicians will assess the situation, find the entry points and holes that the squirrels created, and we even provide a repair service to ensure the problem is fully solved. Sometimes a squirrel hole is very hard to find – and that’s where we really shine! We work hard to find all points of entry – and will even identify potential spots that the squirrels may use to gain entry to your attic in the future.

Squirrels will damage your roof and tear up the shingles to gain entry into your attic. Roof line issues like this are very common and we know exactly what we need to do to catch the squirrel who is calling your attic its home. After the squirrel has been caught, we will seal up your roof so that you will not have any more little "visitors"!

Squirrels mate at least twice a year, so if you have squirrels in your attic now, you may have many more in the years to come unless you take care of it!  Our certified wildlife technicians will inspect the outside of your home, closely checking the walls from the top to the bottom. Squirrels often use tree limbs to access the roof and then find weak spots on the corners or the dormer roof returns to gain entry into the attic. Our technicians are experts in identifying squirrel entry points.

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