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Humane Squirrel Trapping In Arlington TN - Squirrels In Your Home

Squirrels are cute to watch as they go about their daily squirrel lives, but they just don’t belong in your home.

If you suspect squirrels in your attic in Arlington TN, look for chewed holes in the side of your home the size of baseballs or smaller. You may also see squirrels running around on your roof. In your home, you may hear a running around, chewing, or scratching noises above your head. This can take place in the attic or even in the walls.

Sometimes a squirrel can become stuck or lose their footing and fall into small crevices. If you hear scratching, crying, or screeching noises in the bottom of your wall an animal is most likely trapped. If the animal is not rescued quickly it can pass away from dehydration and exhaustion.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Arlington TN - Squirrel Activity

Squirrels can also attract other predators if they are nearby and hungry. It’s not uncommon for raccoons and rats to also try to enter an attic once a squirrel has left its scent.

During the summer months, squirrels are most active early in the morning and when the sun is going down. They will leave the attic when it gets too hot during the daytime. Squirrels are most active during the day, but you can still hear them sometimes during the night. During the winter months, squirrels will stay in their nests to keep warm and are not very active. You can still hear them in the attic, and see the holes they are entering through, but they may not be seen outside of your home quite as often.

Squirrel Control Methods In Arlington TN - Squirrel Babies

Squirrels mate twice a year from December to February and again May to June. The males will start to act out and chase the female so you will hear a lot of scampering around outside and on your roof.

The gestation period for squirrels is around 44 days. Typically, squirrels can give birth to anywhere from 2 to 4 babies per litter. The babies will generally stay with the mother for 7 to 9 weeks and then weaned.

As the babies get older, the mother will teach them to forage by taking each baby out, one at a time. As the squirrels grow and multiply, the damage to your attic and insulation from urine and feces will increase. Depending on how long the squirrels live in your attic, only a full attic restoration will get rid of the terrible smell.

DIY Squirrel Removal In Arlington TN - Squirrel Stuck In Your Wall?

It is very easy for a baby squirrel to fall down between the walls and become stuck. If you happen to hear crying or scratching in an area of a wall there may be a stuck squirrel. This is an unfortunate situation for a couple of reasons. A squirrel stuck in the wall it can die from dehydration and exhaustion within a day or two if it is not removed.

It is much easier to locate a squirrel in a wall and remove it when it is alive. If an animal dies then we must rely on smell in order to locate it. Our technician drills a small hole in the wall and then passes a boroscope camera into the hole to see inside the wall. This method helps reduce the damage to your wall. Once a live squirrel is removed they are either sent to a wildlife rehabilitator or they are relocated and released several miles away depending upon the animal’s age.

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