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Humane Squirrel Trapping In Eads TN - Squirrels In Your Home

Eads TN is full of incredibly beautiful homes located on acres of wooded land.  Unfortunately, Eads is also full of squirrels and other wildlife.  If you have squirrels trying to chew into your attic, you’re not alone. No one wants to come home to see a hole in the siding of their house. Squirrels don’t care how long your day has been or what you have to do. To a squirrel, your attic with its soft warm insulation would make the perfect home if he can just find his way in!

Squirrels are very good climbers and can access almost any surface, no matter how steep. They also have sharp nails that can dig into any surface. Squirrels are incredibly quick and nimble, which makes them very good at wreaking havoc around your home. A few squirrels can do a great deal of damage in a very short amount of time.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Eads TN - Water Damage From Squirrel Holes

Water pipes are made out of plastic which squirrels can easily chew through. A small water leak may not be noticeable at first, but it can be very bad to have a slow leak over a long time period. If there is constant moisture, the chance of mold growth is very high. If you are not aware of the mold, it can spread and vent through your home, making your family sick.

These leaks can also lead to rotted wood, which makes it even easier for squirrels and other wildlife to chew into.
Squirrels can also ruin your insulation with their droppings and urine.  Depending on how long the squirrels have been in your attic, sometimes an attic restoration is the only way to get rid of the terrible smell left by nesting squirrels.

Squirrel Control Methods In Eads TN - Squirrel Filth And Diseases!

Squirrels setting up housekeeping in your attic present a host of serious health hazards. Squirrel feces poses a threat of salmonella infection if handled improperly. Having rodents living inside your attic or walls is a huge problem. Everything from a squirrel’s hair to its saliva and urine can lead to a runny nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing/nasal congestion, and asthmatic symptoms. Squirrels also carry a number of parasites on their fur, including mites, lice, fleas and ticks. Each of these pests come with a list of health concerns.

We are lucky to have these clever, charismatic creatures living among us, but like most wild animals, the best way to appreciate squirrels is to watch them, not interact with them.

DIY Squirrel Removal In Eads TN - Chewed Wires And House Fires!

Squirrels seem to have a knack for knocking out electricity! Electrical wires are no match for squirrel teeth. The thought of having a good-sized rodent nesting in your attic is bad enough, but squirrels can also cause serious problems with your home’s wiring. They chew on the insulation until the bare wire is exposed, then move on to to another spot and nibble some more. Next thing you know, you have sections of energized wire all over the attic that can come in direct contact with wood, the paper backing on insulation, or other combustibles. This is a fire waiting to happen!

If you suspect that you have squirrels or even rats in your home, please contact an electrician immediately.  And then call Apex Wildlife Control to help you with this potentially dangerous situation.  We are here to help!

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