Squirrels Chewing Holes In Your Siding In Bartlett TN

Are squirrels chewing holes in your siding in Bartlett TN?   If squirrels are chewing holes in your siding you are not alone. Squirrels do not know or care how long your day was or what you have to do. Squirrels will chew through any convenient place that they find which includes the siding on your home. Apex Wildlife Control are the wildlife professionals that can help reduce the likelihood of squirrels chewing holes in your siding!

Squirrels are excellent climbers and manage to climb practically any surface, no matter how steep it may be. Squirrels have hand-like paws that grasp onto crevices and their sharp nails dig into surfaces which enables them to easily get around. Because squirrels are nimble and incredibly quick they are capable of creating a lot of damage and havoc around your home. They are strong and in a very shorty period of time can cause a great deal of damage.


Why Are Squirrels Chewing Holes In Your Siding?

The teeth of a squirrel grow continuously throughout their life. Their teeth are very sharp which enables them to bite into or through most materials. At the very least they can chew until a material breaks down with time. They chew constantly because their teeth never stop growing much like our fingernails. Should their teeth become too long they will be unable to chew or eat properly. If they cannot receive the proper food and nourishment then they will eventually die.


Squirrel Breeding Season And Litter Size

Whenever a squirrel has chewed into the siding a home it is generally because it is looking for a warm, secure, and quiet place to prepare a nest for their babies. The squirrel breeding season takes place from December to February and again from May to June.

An average squirrel can have from 2 to 4 babies per litter. The babies will stay with their mother in the nest from between 7 to 10 weeks. The mom will leave to go out during the day to forage food and water. The momma squirrel needs a place that is safe from predators in order to leave her babies. Our homes make the perfect place for squirrels to nest.


What Happens If They Get Through The Siding Into Your Attic?

Squirrels will get into your attic eventually if they are chewing holes in your siding. There is a hollow space in the walls between each room that squirrels can travel through and also gain access to the attic. Squirrels will also nest in the insulation. You can typically hear squirrels running around your attic and making chewing or scratching noises. If there are baby squirrels present then you may also hear the babies crying.

Squirrel Damage And What We Look For

Squirrels that reside inside your home can do a great deal of damage that can be very costly to repair. The squirrels are also a health danger for you, your family, and pets.
Squirrels are known to chew on wiring inside of your home. After completion of a through interior and exterior inspection our wildlife technician will review all the photographs of the damage he found during the inspection. If the technician finds evidence of chewed wiring then you may need to schedule an electrician to repair damage to the electrical wiring in an effort to avoid a potential fire. Damage to electrical wiring in your home also has potential to interrupt your home’s power and is dependent on what the electrical wiring goes to.

Squirrel Damage And Additional Health Concerns

Squirrels easily chew through water lines with pipes made from plastic. A tiny water leak that is created through chewing may not be noticeable at initially, but it can be very bad to have a slow leak over a long time period. Constant moisture produced by a slow leak offers an opportunity for mold to grow. If you are unaware that mold is present then the mold can spread and vent through your home. The presence of mold can cause you, your family, and pets to become ill without you knowing how you contracted the illness. A chewed water pipe could suddenly burst and then you are left to deal with ruined walls and floors. Either way, it will be necessary to contact a plumber to assess and repair the water damage and hope there is no rotted wood resulting from it.

The main thing to remember in all of this is that the hole on the siding may be small, but it can lead to bigger, more expensive problems. It is always best to stay ahead of a problem like this before it can get out of control.


Squirrel Habitat And Modification

There are things that you can do yourself to help prevent squirrels from chewing holes in your siding. Make sure to trim back any low hanging tree branches over or close to your home . Low hanging branches give squirrels easy access to your siding or roof. Be diligent about keeping all trash cleaned up around your trash cans and ensure the top to your trash receptacle is tightly secured. Pick up whatever food your pets do not clean up at feeding time if you feed your pets outside. You do not want to leave any food, even bird seed, on the ground. Food that is easily accessible to wildlife is what will attract wildlife to an area.

When Outside Squirrel Trapping Becomes Necessary

In the situation where there is an overabundance of wildlife around your home it may become necessary to perform outside trapping. Typically, it is best not to relocate and release animals to a new area because it can be difficult for the animal to survive in a new area. Too many wildlife animals in an area, however, can cause wildlife animals to begin to cause damage homes. Apex Wildlife Control offers outside trapping services that take place over a period of 7 days. Our wildlife technicians bait and set multiple traps intended to catch as many squirrels as possible. We relocate the squirrels once they are caught to an area 20 miles away, so they will find their way back to your property.

Interior And Exterior Squirrel Inspection

Give Apex Wildlife Control a call at (901) 598-8555 if you are experiencing one or more of these situations. We will schedule a wildlife technician to perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your home to assess the situation. For the interior inspection the technician will look from your crawl space to inside your attic looking for fecal droppings to verify the animal species involved. Along the way he will be checking for and photographing any damage to electrical wires, your HVAC, duct work or insulation. They check the insulation for damage caused by urine.

The exterior inspection starts from the bottom of your foundation to the top of your roof. The technician will go around the perimeter of your home and take pictures of all actual and potential entry points. After completion of the inspection the technician will review the pictures with you, let you know how the squirrels are gaining access to your house, and provide you will a detailed quote the same day for the cost to fully seal your home from wildlife reentry and to trap the animals that currently reside in your home.

Apex Wildlife Warranty and Double Money Back Guarantee


We can put your mind at ease knowing you will receive a one-year warranty on our exclusion services as well as a double money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our exclusion work.  Contact us today to hear about this amazing guarantee!


So, if you have squirrels chewing holes in your siding in Bartlett TN, give Apex Wildlife a call at (901) 598-8555! Don’t let squirrels become more trouble than they already have been. Let us help you take some stress out of your day and rid your home of these critters.


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