Squirrels Chewing Wires In Arlington TN

Do you have squirrels chewing wires in Arlington TN? Squirrels chewing wires in your attic can cause major problems. Not just to your home’s foundation, but they can chew into electrical lines and power cords. This can cause electrical malfunctions and possibly lead to a fire in your home. Squirrels are a big nuisance, but they are also dangerous to let live in your attic unattended for too long.

Why Do I Have Squirrels Chewing Wires In Arlington TN?

An interesting fact about squirrels is that their teeth never stop growing. Squirrels have to constantly chew on things to file them down, much as we do with our nails. If they do not chew constantly their teeth will continue to grow and can become too long. So to prevent this they will chew on wood inside and outside of the home.

Are Squirrels Chewing Wires Dangerous?

Have you ever seen or heard of transformers blowing up or sparking? Sometimes it is because squirrels or other animals have damaged the wires by chewing or other means. They chew through it and then it can explode creating power failures or fires. This is extremely inconvenient and can interrupt many homes’ power needs.

Residential homes can catch on fire from wires sparking or have a power failure. This can be more dangerous in homes than when it happens to power lines outside. In residential homes, the wires are concealed and hidden from view. In his case, we may not even know there is an issue.

Our Interior Inspection

One of the first things we do is check for any chewed wires or wire damage in your home. After that, our technician will check for signs that they have been in your attic or are currently nesting in your attic. He will take pictures of all damage from animals, and all signs of their activity in your attic. We will notify you immediately if we find anything that could be a danger to you or your home. We also show you the proof we found in the pictures.

Our Exterior Inspection

Once we finish our interior inspection we go outside and start the exterior part of the inspection. We look from the bottom of the building’s foundation up to the top of the roof. Our technicians are trained to look for all possible and actual points of entry. This will include any holes in the foundation, vents, etc. They take pictures to show you how animals are currently gaining entry into your home. The technician also shows you the other possible ways animals can try to get in.

After our inspection, we will give you a quote on how much it will cost to fully seal your home. We will also trap the squirrels going in and out of your home. If there is any wire damage we will recommend that an electrician come immediately and repair any damages. Apex Wildlife Control does not repair any wire damage or do any electrical work.

We also do not do any major carpentry work which includes repairing large areas of rotted wood. We do not do roofing work that involves the shingle replacement.


During exclusion, we seal all possible entry points as well as the current entry points the animals are using. After we seal the main points of entry, animals will look for another way to get into your home. If someone were to seal your front door, you would most likely go to a window or back door. The same goes for animals. Once they consider it their home, they are not always easily deterred. To learn more about squirrel removal, click here.

Our Guarantee!

Apex Wildlife Control has a one year guarantee! If you choose our company, we will guarantee that our work will hold up and no animals will gain entry. If an animal does gain entry through our previous work, we will come out and trap the animal. We then repair the work at no additional cost.

We also have a double money-back guarantee! Not happy with our work? We will fix the exclusion work that you are unhappy with. If you are still unhappy, we will give you a full refund on the exclusion work. And then we hire another company to come and do the work!

So if you have squirrels chewing wires in Arlington TN, give us a call today!

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