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Squirrels Chewing
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Squirrels Chewing Your Wiring In Cordova TN

Humane Squirrel Trapping In Cordova TN - Why Do Squirrels Chew Wires?

Squirrels have teeth that continuously grow throughout their lives. They must chew constantly to keep these teeth from becoming too long, making it difficult to eat. This constant need to gnaw on things is what drives them to chew on various materials, including wires. Wires are particularly attractive to squirrels because the outer covering is often made of materials like plastic or rubber that are easy to chew through. Additionally, the inner wiring can provide a source of comfortable nesting material, making it even more appealing.

While this behavior is natural for the squirrels, it can be incredibly frustrating and costly for homeowners. Chewed wires can lead to electrical malfunctions, fire hazards, and expensive repairs. To prevent this, it’s essential to address  squirrel infestations promptly and take measures to prevent access to your property and home.

Professional Squirrel Removal In Cordova TN - Chewed Wires Cause Fires!

Wires chewed by squirrels can pose a significant fire hazard to your home. When these furry rodents gnaw through electrical wires, they expose the conductive material within. This creates the potential for electrical shorts, sparks, and overheating. If the exposed wires come into contact with flammable materials, like insulation or dry wood in your walls or attic, it can fuel a fire. Insulation, often found around wiring, can easily catch fire when exposed to heat or sparks. Dry wood in your home can also ignite rapidly under the right conditions. Once a fire starts, it can spread quickly, posing a severe threat to your property and the safety of your family.   To prevent this dangerous situation, it’s crucial to address any squirrel infestations promptly. Routinely inspect your wiring for damage, and take measures to deter squirrels from your home. By doing so, you can significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires caused by wire damage.

Squirrel Control Methods In Cordova TN - Chewed Wires In Your Vehicle

Squirrels have a knack for finding cozy, sheltered spots and one favorite place is under the hood of your vehicle. This can lead to a host of problems. Squirrels can chew on wires and other components within your engine compartment, causing damage that will affect your car’s performance. Wires are particularly appealing to them because they have a constant need to gnaw on things to keep their teeth from overgrowing.

When squirrels chew on wires in your car, it can lead to electrical malfunctions, engine problems, and costly repairs. They might also create nests with leaves and twigs, which  can clog air filters or interfere with engine components. It’s a good idea to regularly inspect under your vehicle’s hood for any signs of squirrel activity. You might consider taking steps to deter squirrels from your parking area to minimize the chances of them seeking shelter under your vehicle.

DIY Squirrel Removal In Cordova TN - Part Of The Reason You Have Squirrels

We know these furry little rodents are cute, but feeding squirrels or other wildlife can have unintended consequences, particularly if you don’t want these animals to become permanent residents on your property. When you regularly provide food for wild animals, they quickly become dependent on your hand-outs. As a result, they’re more likely to stick around, leading to potential problems. The squirrels might start nesting in your attic, gnawing holes in your roof, or digging in your garden. Such behaviors can cause expensive damage to your property and become a nuisance. Keep in mind that wildlife can carry diseases. Close proximity to them may pose health risks to you, your family and pets. Also, nesting squirrels can attract predators like raccoons, further escalating potential problems. It’s generally best to admire wildlife from a distance. Avoid feeding them unless you’re prepared for the consequences of encouraging them  to stick around your home.

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