Squirrels In A Commercial Warehouse In Bartlett TN

Are you having a problem with squirrels in a commercial warehouse in Bartlett TN? It can be a very distracting and disruptive situation to have squirrel activity in a warehouse. Squirrels are known to build nests inside machinery, cause bad odors and contaminate products. Not only are squirrels disruptive but they are a potential health hazard for employees due to the disease causing bacteria that they carry. also potentially be hazardous to employees due to the diseases that they carry. Contact the wildlife professionals at Apex Wildlife Control. We are the experienced experts at getting squirrels out.

Why Do Squirrels Go In A Commercial Warehouse Anyway?

Squirrel Breeding And Gestation Period

Squirrels go into season twice in a year; first from December to January and again around June. A game of chase ensures before the breeding season begins. Several males will chase a female. Following the mating, the female will locate a warm, safe, quiet place to build a nest.

The squirrel gestation period is around 44 days. The average size of a litter of squirrels is 3.

Until the babies are roughly 10 weeks old they stay in the nest. After the babies are out of the nest the mom will let them begin to explore. She teaches them how to forage for food and water, and where to locate safe places for shelter.

Squirrel Damage In A Commercial Warehouse

There is a higher risk of damage whenever there are multiple squirrels present in your warehouse. Squirrels can cause a great deal of damage in a relatively short period of time. If squirrels manage to chew through electrical wires it can cut the power supply. Chewed electrical wire also have the potential to create a fire. The squirrels’ nesting materials are typically made of highly flammable materials. Because squirrels are constantly chewing, other potential issues can be damages to the HVAC, PVC Pipes, insulation, and duct work. The constant chewing is due to the fact that their teeth grow continuously, and they must chew in order to keep their teeth filed down.

Squirrel Diseases And Bacteria

Squirrel removal and insulation damage

There are other issues to be concerned with such as the disease causing bacteria, fleas, ticks, and mites that squirrels bring into your warehouse. A person that unknowingly touches an area where squirrels have urinated or left fecal droppings risks contracting an infection. Squirrels that nest in the air ducts of the ventilation system air ducts can potentially cause particles in fecal matter to be stirred up. This means you and your employees may unknowingly be breathing in these particles with the potential to make a person very sick. When it becomes necessary to clean up wildlife urine and fecal matter it should be performed by a trained professional wearing the proper protective equipment for safety.

Squirrel Removal And Trapping Process

Apex Wildlife Control offers indoor and outdoor trapping services. The trapping process for squirrels takes place over a seven-day period. The technician sets multiple live cage traps inside the warehouse using an effective species-specific bait to catch as many squirrels as we can during the trapping period. Once trapped the squirrels are relocated and released.

The technician returns to check the traps every 36 hours for a total of 3 times during the trapping process. He will add traps, rebait, and move the traps around as needed. The wildlife technicians at Apex Wildlife Control are hugely successful at trapping. However, there are no guarantees with the outside trapping services. It simply is not possible to make an animal go into a trap. Once trapped we relocate the squirrels at least 20 miles from your property. This way you have no worries that they will find their way back inside your home.

Squirrel Fecal Cleanup

Once all the wildlife animals have been trapped you may find that there is an accumulation of fecal and urine that needs to be cleaned up. Don’t stress! We take sanitation very seriously. Apex Wildlife Control offers fecal cleaning and deodorization services. Our technicians wear full protective gear – suits, gloves, masks, and goggles – to protect them from any particles that may be stirred up during the cleanup process.

So, if you have squirrels in your Commercial Warehouse in Bartlett TN, Contact us today!  We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service using quality products, always striving to make our company better by working more efficiently for our customers.  You can be confident in contacting our company for your wildlife needs that your company’s wildlife needs will be solved! 

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